Perfect Taobao customers to promote money trick90 boss entrepreneurship is more difficult than work


3, choose a good promotion method of your own. About Taobao customers to promote the online articles and posts can be said everywhere, but not necessarily in the trial of every Taobao guest, I recommend is to promote the optimization of SEO, although the effect is relatively slow, but it is the most practical and stable.

speak with the facts, the following is my income, we refer to the next station to a little bit of power, Taobao guest promotion master on the detour,

enterprise is not as "simple, good ideas need to get recognized by the market is really good; the perfect scheme may encounter many small problems that can not be predicted, these are all entrepreneurs have not thought of before difficulties." Speaking of the experience of starting a business, He Yuhao, the big boy who graduated in 2011, first heaved a long sigh. "When the first venture did not graduate, when the buy site quickly, with other people to do cooperation to buy, and soon will encounter a large number of closure of buy site." He Yuhao recalls, after the first venture failure, the Spring Festival back to Foshan new year, met Foshan college students incubation base started, so with the students created the present "network screw"".

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the following detailed analysis under


– is the fire way to make money, do a weekly income of tens of thousands of webmaster do well the first half, just a few hundred yuan, why the difference is so big? Taobao guest website more and more, how to maximize their own profits today just off Taobao? And gw007 webmaster talk tonight. Taobao summed up his guest experience to share your reference:

is definitely not a dream! !


Foshan university student incubator base has a group of young people full of ideals and passion. Reporter Chen Feng photo

has an idea that keeps flashing in her head. There is courage to say "do it right" in your actions, and 90 is moving into the workplace with an irresistible gesture. Among them, there are many young people who choose to start their business after graduation. At present, Foshan university student incubation base has 10 teams stationed, most of whom are 90 after the first entrepreneurs. This is built by the government, providing young people with the dream of a platform, but not utopian perfect, the hardships of entrepreneurship, only in which you can feel. Tired and tears, some people choose to adhere to, but also some people choose to leave.

I want to introduce today’s Taobao customers to promote commodities trick is to promote, not what are the promotion that is too difficult, I of course comprehensive promotion, the first half of only a few hundred dollars, I now use a variety of goods to promote daily income can get hundreds of yuan, this is the difference! How to merchandise promotion

begins by imagining a new business model that encourages businesses to become alliances and profit from each other. First of all, choose the most popular Oriental Plaza for promotion, but even if all the trouble to persuade, do activities to promote, businesses seem to have no incentive to match the hairpin." He Yuhao put his hands on both sides of his nose and said, "I think there must be some improvement."."

Foshan university student incubation base has 10 teams stationed in

in the software industry park

try entrepreneurship is a lot harder than expected,

short contact, He Yuhao encountered hardships and frustration in the business, without a trace. And in Foshan college students incubator base, a graduate choose entrepreneurship young people are not alone, they are almost 90, dream, and work hard in reality.

4, when the site has traffic, we must consider the Taobao revenue commission to maximize the link to modify, and choose the right, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

why today I want to use the word "impeccable" title? Is the hope that we don’t lose confidence in the Taobao customer, choose to the method, ideas accurately, understand SEO Technology do not understand, you can learn absolutely impeccable point, the monthly income of million

2, select the site is the main push this Taobao customers goods, add, sort out "BB cream", Taobao customers to the inside of the website, make the page a little more beautiful, do the content every day update.



after the beginning of autumn in Foshan, is still shrouded in high temperature, Foshan university business incubators in Chancheng district. Net electronic commerce information consultancy office without air conditioning. "We usually open the window in the morning and turn on the air conditioner when it’s hot in the afternoon."." Seeing the reporter’s visit, He Yuhao, the shy boy said, "although the base provides the office environment, but the electricity is to dig out, so usually can save the province.".

above is only personal promotion suggestions, I hope you can give us a lot of advice, welcome to reprint, indicating the source!

1, selected to the promotion of the types of goods such as "BB cream", how many see this "BB cream" sh419 index, now how many people do sh419 for promotion, what are people doing SEO optimization promotion, competition is not fierce, and how many key words long tail word can go to promotion etc. are taken into account. In this way, we can "BB cream" market knowledge, analysis in the end can not go to promotion.

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