Li Xiang third start up car and home founded 10 months financing over 2 billion 500 million valued


how did he do it,

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then, I did one thing in the third quarter of 2015, which was to recruit partners. this is something I a person repairer must be to do. What I need is not a subordinate, but a partner who plays the pillar role like me. We need four pillars to support the business. I can sell the car myself, manage the consumer, and we need a pole to develop the car from start to finish, and someone to start with, and someone to deal with. So I need to find three other partners.

the way I look for someone is >

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car and home in Changzhou, covers an area of 750 acres of all aluminum vehicle factory has been started construction, for the production of vehicle supporting batteries, standardized plant will also be put into use during the year. The second half of 2017, the car and home will launch for the radius of 30 kilometers of urban travel needs of pure electric vehicle SEV Smart Electric Vehicle. The second half of 2018, will launch a radius of 300 kilometers travel demand increased program, electric SUV.

May 3rd, as Li Xiang’s third venture, the car and home announced the acquisition of 780 million yuan A round of financing. This round of financing by Leo shares lead investor, follow up the source capital, Wujin industrial fund, Changzhou Ming potential capital and other institutions. Huaxing capital serves as the exclusive financial advisor for the financing.

the most recent heat is the car and home.

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after I left the car home in July 1, 2015, I didn’t immediately go looking for someone who could work. I first established the company’s "Hydropower", that is, HR, finance, IT, forensic whole system. After doing almost all of these things, I began to put some of my ideas on paper and become a strategic direction for the future, including the mission and values of the enterprise.

Abstract: since its inception in July 2015, the total financing of vehicles and homes has exceeded 2 billion 500 million yuan in the past 10 months, valued at 3 billion yuan. Compared with previous entrepreneurial experience, Li Xiang’s third venture gained greater capital potential.


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future, Wei, harmonious, excellent, intelligent car Futeng LETV car, car and home…… The new sports cars increasingly long list, behind every name represents a repairer and overweeningly ambitious dream, so the "burning" of entrepreneurs and investment institutions.

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below is Li Xiang accepts this print special interview:

"looking for four pillars",

at the same time, car and home production, product planning has surfaced.

days net profit original articles, for reprint please indicate the source, thank you.

since its inception in July 2015, 10 months, the total amount of financing vehicles and home has more than 2 billion 500 million yuan, valued at 3 billion yuan. Compared with previous entrepreneurial experience, Li Xiang’s third venture gained greater capital potential.

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