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however, the author believes that college students open shop entrepreneurs are not as imagined, we will need to have the "three".

has difficult employment problems for college graduates every year, but it seems particularly sad this year. Ministry of education previously data show that in 2013 the size of the national college graduates will reach 6 million 990 thousand, an increase of 190 thousand people over 2012, once again set records.

e-commerce threshold is low, entrepreneurial survival rate is high, start-up funds less and flexible form, operators do not have too much for goods hoarding, product distribution is not out of distress. Sounds like opening an online business is really a better choice than finding an old college graduate.

three, the operation of the store just opened, no popular, how to give the store drainage, driven sales is a big problem. At this time, you have to optimize the key words, in various forums to send a post, do signature promotion, write the soft text, blog and other means of publicity. It is best to also be familiar with some online operating tools, such as Wang business, cloud express, single print, Wang merchants, cloud customers, precision marketing, praise, promotion and other ancillary tools, will be able to achieve twice the result with half the effort. On the whole, college students have to lay down their postures, make great efforts, and make good use of resources and their own knowledge to be able to do the operation of the online shop.

with the popularity of credit cards, many sites that support installment payments also have their own CPS alliance. These sites sell products are generally very high prices, less than a few hundred, more than tens of thousands, basically thousands of or so, in general, so that the webmaster will get good results, but the final result will be very disappointed. The final effective order rate for the installment plan is very low, and the ten orders can be effective. The basic reason is that there is a problem in the final payment. Some users increased orders, found that their credit card does not support the site requirements, some of their credit limit is less than the purchase of goods. To pay by credit card, your credit card is available, the credit balance must be greater than the total amount of the goods can be purchased; the bank system, when you pay the goods, you need to verify that your credit card balance is greater than the total price of goods. Webmaster to do CPS League words, can avoid such staging site, can be like www.vancl-polo do such alliance. Here is a screenshot of the installments of the webmaster site alliance.

, a psychology from the college students to become God’s favored one seemingly proper job Taobao owner, daily do not their professional, trivial and complicated things, watching the students are flattered into the company or is admitted to the civil service, to accept the family "four year undergraduate white read", "how to find a decent work" nagging, how the heart suffering? But the Taobao store in the persistence and efforts, if not bear the psychological pressure will come to naught.

housing leaks, even night rain, due to macroeconomic growth below the expected growth and planned job placement decline, resulting in the average number of jobs planned for the year fell by nearly 15%. Earlier, Beijing news of the signing rate of less than 3 of the news touched everyone’s nerves. Although some people think that now there is no deadline for the signing of the end of 6, whether it is the most difficult in history, not yet conclusive, but many university graduates have turned their attention to the Taobao venture.

two, technical clearance, Taobao shop, sparrows although small five dirty, including text, pictures, and even flash and other product information. Even if you make a simple baby picture, learn PS. In addition to the master shop decoration tools, to design the web shop, publish and update product information, and how to accept orders, arrange delivery, product return, capital return and so on are complex and cost of the brain. This is also a challenge for college students who have just stepped out of campus and are ambitious.

even if these are done, it does not necessarily mean "."

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