Crazy black hat Shanghai dragon with the dark chain loss of search engine ranking


2. the link character reached infinitely small, invisible to the naked eye.


1. by setting the display property to none that links the invisible information.

let the surprise, the.

4. via the link location, which links appear to the visible screen, achieve the dark chain effect.

3. the link character and web page background color of the same or similar to the link is not visible.

said the dark chain, everyone will think of "crush"!, but here we have to say is not "love" but "dark chain". Dark chain called "black chain". Attack behavior hackers implanted in the page dark chain called dark chain attack".

due to the dark chain is usually in "the naked eye can not see, so many dark chains can often be kept for a long time, but not by the administrator found recently, the well-known Internet security company KnownSec had announced China Red Cross Foundation emergency relief fund websites have been implanted in dark chain news, however, even so in the past, nearly a month after I visit the site again, found that dark chain information still exists.

crazy dark chain attack

The most significant sacrifice

dark chain is "dark", namely, it is hidden in the dark in the web page source code, through the naked eye can not see on the page.

dark chain of harmful


implementation of hacker dark chain purpose is very simple: most of the search engines that when a website is referenced multiple sites (links), the content of higher quality, users are widely read, so in the search engine ranking search results, the website ranking naturally on the rise.

web gradually away from our vision at the same time, dark chain attack quickly broke out, the analysis points out: the dark chain is completely substitute the website linked to horse. Today’s hackers are no longer in a flagrant way of "horse, change to more obscure dark chain attack.

dark chain usually refers to the hacker website web access control permissions, with links information code in the page. Dark chain principle is very simple, is completed by the CSS style, as a way to achieve the classification of dark chain usually have three types:

many students may think: since the dark chain information directly with the naked eye can not see, then it seems on the site had no effect, can ignore. In fact, the same is not the case, and most of the search engine that when a website quotes a lot of it station link, the original web content is less, poor quality, natural search engine rankings will decline, and the decline in ranking will directly affect the site visitor flow and website profit income.

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