Do stand growth of the summary of the old and new domain name

station growth regularity of the old and new domain name

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in the more than 10 sites, the old domain accounts for most of the old domain, do stand characteristics comparison is BD long, about 2-3 weeks, 2-3 weeks is to examine it, if a good grasp of the website ranking, very easy to do, if not good, like chicken ribs and tasteless gesture. So in this 2-3 weeks, the old domain name do stand should pay attention to what people think there are two points, original + the chain. 1, must be original, pseudo original too; 2, the number one article a day, not much; 3, the chain focus on high quality, quantity can be more, after all, is the old domain, new words in a month outside the chain growth is best not too fast. As long as you pay attention to these three points, then after 2-3 weeks, weight will be the site quickly up, then basically every day snapshot of the day, the day basically will be included. The above is a personal station on the old domain summary of the inadequacies please Paizhuan, will be more about the details of the method and to share with you.

operation of more than 10 sites, but did not succeed, the new domain name or do some website, the new domain name do stand for the love of Shanghai, feel the obvious regularity, BD inspection of railway station is mainly the following three stages: the stage of excitement, low period, stable period. BD always love the new station, new station just on the line, if lucky, may be included within 30 minutes later, then the general day will also be included, the most important is included, if the words do not competitive keywords, or even new sites have good ranking, this period can for 3-5 days, but no more than a week, this time, my personal understanding is excited on stage BD love Shanghai, I stood bedook ointment is like this. The next period is low tide, low tide coming in second to third weeks, the site’s ranking in BD rapid decline, often the site is down right or be K, this time as long as the site is updated it can follow the prescribed order. Third during the period of stability, the BD will be reduced to improve the original ranking top, basically stable, this time as long as the good maintenance, can be accumulated slowly.

is now at two o’clock at night, the heart is very tangled in thinking about why people live, often do not know what they are doing, is very upset and wanted to listen to music to relax, listen to the lady gaga bad romance results to can’t sleep, heard the more excited, a little sleep there, or to the site of the recent harvest should begin to be a summary of it, from which point of view, think of recent use of old and new domain name do two different stations, but BD’s distinction is still quite large, and share with you today.

the site of the old domain growth law

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new domain name websiteThe

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