Do the matters need to pay attention to the long tail keywords

to do the long tail keywords for a certain period of time the webmaster friends should have been very familiar with the word, the word around is the page title, Keywords tag and description tag, content page, other pages. Said the popular point is in the website editor to publish content, we have to do the long tail words appear in the title; keywords and description tags to long tail keywords, remember this place don’t pile up, to show the natural phenomenon; then the content page appears long tail words, generally at the beginning and end of each one is the best on average, distributed in the content page, the appropriate time can use the word segmentation skills, such as "celebration" the keywords in the content, the distribution density of etiquette and ceremony is also very important; the other page appears long tail words, the other is the site of the page can be a two directory, and breadcrumb navigation.

search engine rankings to improve content quality and internal links website is the most important, if it is to write their own original articles and articles then divides the paragraphs in check spelling, in which do good to lead another article with long tail keywords in the content the random position, this requires a combination of "keyword records", then "

good attitude and long-term adherence to

why many webmaster friends think about your own website after ranking must be very good, but the actual situation is just the opposite? Ability problem, not the reason but and mentality, those who wants to be ranked ranked fast up webmaster friends certainly website is not optimistic, if you want to do a dumpster by time to earn money, using black hat tactics is certainly feasible, if it is normal station that must have a good attitude and insist for a long time, do not have luck, think that search engines should be aware of, this is a stupid mistake; another reason is the long-term persistence, some owners mentality is very good, but it seems that mentality is too optimistic, 35 days to update the content and the chain end, back to the effect is not the best or. True as long as we insist for a long time, every day is the best day, even a few articles, few outside the chain, the effect would still have set down to save Months and years pass by. is a treasure.

we all know the website keyword you want to have a good ranking is the need of our long-term unremittingly efforts to achieve, especially for the main keywords fierce competition, we must do the struggle to obtain Shanghai dragon relative ranking, I take the operation of "etiquette celebration" this site, search the volume is not particularly large, but through the love of Shanghai home PPC can be seen in the word competition is relatively large, so you can not hang in a tree, I decisively chose the optimization of long tail keywords, then how to do long tail keywords, here is some matters needing attention.





what is the word around

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