Horses first diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng macroscopic and microscopic unification

network marketing as a small webmaster and website, has been to class webmaster. Shanghai Longfeng SEO as one of the most important part of network marketing, website and search engine is a game between a battle of wits. From the "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence circle popular proverbs can be found for the importance of Shanghai Longfeng station. Although the internal factors play a decisive factor, the website operation is the core content to do good business products and services. But the role of external factors to internal factors, plays a key influence on the internal cause. If the air content and products and services, but no display window, it can realize the value of the site. Is not afraid of deep alley, valuable natural site users in a continuous line. But can not deny the role of Shanghai dragon. First of all, do better will be the site of Shanghai dragon show out, in the operation of a good case for more traffic Why not?; secondly, the search engine as the entrance of Internet users on the Internet, even if your site can do "live", but the Internet competition is fierce and cruel, he is likely through the website of Shanghai dragon seize the opportunity, perhaps competitors’sites do without you, but through effective optimization of Shanghai dragon is likely to row in front of you; in the new era of the Internet, increasing the role of Shanghai dragon.

recently, Shanghai dragon diagnosis in the webmaster circle and enterprise website is quite hot. A5 webmaster team Shanghai Longfeng (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝) with the optimization > years

The only way which must be passed

as the saying goes, horses, forage first. Whether ancient or modern, the war, only to do the preparatory work before the war, the prepared food, in order to develop a scientific operation scheme with minimal damage to obtain the maximum victory on the battlefield. So, Shanghai Longfeng work now, with the continuous development of the Internet, personal webmaster is facing the transformation and upgrading, while enterprises and the depth of the Internet standards, electronic commerce and industry website popular shows in general. Especially the enterprise website of Internet standards, integration of traditional industry and e-commerce, with new marketing channels at the same time, online sales has even surpassed the traditional offline channels. Now, the enterprises pay more attention to the Internet at the same time, the importance of enterprise web site to a new location. Most enterprise website hired Shanghai dragon Er professional optimization, but many optimization staff is only half a bucket of water, under the banner of Shanghai Longfeng experts could make effective performance. And some enterprise site even at high cost of funds for promotion, increase the difficulty of optimization. Faced with such fierce competition, how to become more and more important talent shows itself stand head and shoulders above others. Optimization of conventional means in the past, the purchase of a chain, follow the prescribed order of simple modification and optimization has been unable to meet the demand of enterprise website and personal webmaster dogmatic on the website. Only analyze the specific scientific on site, planning and forecasting of Shanghai Longfeng foresee optimization, take more to optimize a more scientific way, in order to obtain better effect.

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