Do Shanghai Longfeng optimization optimization software necessary confidence and persistence


1. Webmaster execution

eight experience personal summary about Shanghai dragon to use tools and some of the site within the chain, mainly for some of the primary intermediate Shanghai Longfeng newcomers about personal experience, good nonsense not say. (this article in order to quickly through some website links to the end, if you need to change it, this can only say sorry)

also, the corresponding owners also have to pay time, to the right of the site was down like a railway station, don’t complain about a month without weight, two months is enough traffic no improvement, a new station to make what good grades is not easy things in two month. This need is perseverance.

This article through the concrete analysis of

webmaster of Shanghai dragon, can set a standard for himself, Shanghai Longfeng status of a site divided into high and low, for a higher degree of Shanghai Longfeng site, how much is the chain need every day, how much is the number of daily updates, how much is the release of the soft wen. For different conditions to refine the site with different standards, in the process of its Shanghai Dragon technology are increasing, the standard effects will become more and more obvious. This is not only the need of perseverance or for Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, but also reflect confidence, for each production system standard itself has a specific analysis, all digital, specific analysis, so it is more convenient to the implementation of the plan and results.

Shanghai dragon’s experience is not a site two site maintenance can be drawn, but most people through the practice analysis.

in the webmaster of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge only know fur, may try a blog to increase the chain, to find the most suitable Links, spends a lot of time in the details of the website, the results persist for a very long but not a little effect, but slightly change the title or template immediately be reduced right. The cause of this situation is Shanghai dragon professional knowledge is not familiar with, while the station itself is careless. When really started learning Shanghai Dragon technology, people can pay more attention to careless, but long time no effect may go on, at this time the most need is perseverance and confidence, this also is the need of the mentality of Shanghai dragon.

took over a site, may find the website title template does not do well, you need to modify, then in accordance with the Shanghai Longfeng standard to change, not surprisingly, the second day site has been search engine prop down the right, it is cold to flow into the sandbox, then dropped to a digit. Then look at the attitude update half a month after the discovery or no improvement, then if you give up this site, so there is no doubt that was not long after the total was K. This is the time to show whether there is a Shanghai dragon of the mind, to be right down the site, if handled properly, the weight will still come back, and may even increase.

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