Eight points on the optimization of Shanghai love


(4) frequently updated and important content should be placed on the left side of the page.

(4) to the home page in the chain to add "/" problem to be unified, plus all suggestions. Love Shanghai and default "/", that is to inform the crawler which is the same one.


(2) the first 20 words to words. The crawler to crawl the content, compare the value of the first 20 words, may be appropriate to add the anchor text links.

(1) – original content, included in the stable, gradually choose pseudo original, or even copy other web content, only to change the title and content of the 20 words can. For example, a piece of news, Sina first, Tencent, NetEase, Shanghai love will also be included.

recently, love Shanghai rule is changeable, is agitated the Shanghai dragon er. In fact not the case, as we all know, rule love Shanghai has always been referred to the noble baby. Baby PR is just one of the many aristocratic nobles rule baby, love Shanghai really more reference. Some Shanghai dragon er said, do not look like Shanghai optimization. This is something wrong, you still have to see the love in Chinese, Shanghai. Although Shanghai love for the noble baby is always imitated, never surpassed "situation. So, love Shanghai in the process of optimization, the need to pay attention to what

chain can not recklessly, especially in the garbage sites (erotic and unstable.


(5) all use the absolute path.

(2) calculation method of noble baby has more than 200 kinds of calculation method of Shanghai is a reference to the noble love baby, but recently, be the most changeful love Shanghai. If you do not know the specific size, can choose only a link or link anchor text.

(1) an article in the chain between the 1-3 is more appropriate, more is not good. An article about 500-800 words.


(3) included in the website promotion weight stable, at the same time, also can choose not to do within the chain. Suggestions: in the source of the article, the author at the bar, you can set up a web site or just playing on the chain; Web site (without "/"), without hyperlink.

article is best to have a link to the home page, if the internal links to the website content together better. For example, the crawler (robot robot, called love sea spiders) into your website, like entering a net, grab a page, I climb from the other page.

2. the chain should have a degree, and pay attention to the form.

1. content to have the quality in the reasonable distribution chain.

(3) love Shanghai included the articles, do not delete, do not easily change, in order to avoid the formation of death.

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