How to optimize the webmaster website access speed

website mostly used the form, now DIV and CSS style, but not to say that TABLE can not be used, but to optimize, such access speed and search engine optimization is good.

In fact,

English station keyword density more easily added, some Chinese station, want to add a few keywords, it is difficult to increase the density, foreign trade website is generally better than other simple website.

JS script file, some to determine the form, some to do AJAX, such as shopping cart, or view, there are many webmaster will put JS on a page, this opening will be slower, with suggestions. The JS file included in the code in the JS file, so simple and fast. The use of C, the rate of


domestic website mostly with telecommunications, some are double, Netcom and Telecom, some only Telecom, but with the accelerator basically open CNC speed is also fast, but it is in China, if it is a foreign trade website, need to put in a foreign country, such as the United States space, South Korea’s space are good this is not just a space, access speed, and it is more easy to open the website construction, website optimization speed is the key. Shanghai dragon /33.html

has a brother asked me to help him do, is a foreign trade website, English version, for English website construction, some novice webmaster to do may be a bit difficult, if you understand the point of English.

form tableBefore the

many webmaster in order to pursue the unified page alignment, the entire page content into a Table, and then by the TD cell to divide each block layout, the website display speed is absolutely slow. The correct approach is: the content is divided into a few.

Chinese and English big difference, a beautiful page, in two different languages, the effect is not the same, English relatively smaller may be a word, word length, looks simple and compact,

content of the website and the function of building a good promotion, and do well, what’s left? Is the site access speed. What is the rate? Is the content of the website and the function is easy to be Internet users access the application ability. If the ability to keep up, even if the content of the website and the function of the construction is good, then do promotion work in place, users may eventually because your website "scarce" and had to give up the access.


A, code simple and clean, open a web page, you can view the source code is concise simply, we browse the web page content is actually the virtual host is downloaded to the local hard disk, and then explain the browser view. Download page speed in the display speed accounted for a large proportion, so the page itself in the space is small, so the browsing speed will be faster. This requires doing "they follow all the simple principle.

B, JS call

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