Detailed in the face of different customer groups the staff should be how to deal with

strategy: but for this customer, we also don’t worry, coping strategies is also very simple, we can make the optimization steps themselves say, as will every step out, say these are linked with time, all can be ranked in the ideal position stability if the customer, compression time, then we can only compress workload, save steps, do not say anything else, as long as it comes to this, the other will immediately say do not worry too much, after all, who want to make their money into practice.

recently popular word in our company, called "dragon company came to Shanghai, you will know what the world is wonderful," said the reason is very simple, because the company recently contacted several is Speechless customers, let us very tangled up, in fact, this situation we must is often encountered, but the problem is when we encounter such a customer, what should we do? What strategies are adopted to retain desired order? The author will combine their own a little experience and they explore for different categories of users and how should we do.

on the optimization method and the company.

site optimization is a long process, who all know, but a lot of quick webmaster too believe that our strength, order no other requirements, just put us to death, that is today the cooperation, the day after tomorrow to effect, we are not God, nor love Shanghai, if we can achieve at this level, we still in the mix what, as their own companies.

have to say, many novice webmaster contact now often think they know a little knowledge of Web site optimization is very great, the opening is the word I know website optimization, but it is more customers tend to know some fur, and even some paranoid, they think the site optimization is the site content and site outside the chain, do everything well, but as the industry personnel as we all know, the website ranking and traffic is not only Shanghai Longfeng merit, but the overall effect of SEM, in addition to optimize normal means, we need to do some necessary event marketing or promotion, but in Shanghai dragon for the world’s customer’s eyes, these are not in the stream, then what should we do?

strategies: in fact, this situation is also easy to handle, we can show them good results recently obtained by their own marketing, only IP traffic will be able to quell them, other natural good talk. Of course, this is only a surface phenomenon, if you want to keep this part of customers, and change their only Shanghai dragon theory, must let them know that social media is fierce, so in the optimization we can make a price for them to promote the event, so that customers really see the effect, the only way to keep each other the opportunity.

optimization of the time and demanding customer

named as long as Shanghai Longfeng optimized customer

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