Wikipedia blog Q & a stable source of traffic


a better site, but in the chain.

two, ask ourselves from a


Q & a platform relative to love Shanghai encyclopedia, drainage will be better. I say it is because of love, Shanghai encyclopedia entries are basically simple name, and Q & a platform questions many are long tail keywords, belonging to a user easier to search words, so the question will be more traffic than platform will lead to love Shanghai.

three, Sina blog



blog basically have a rating system, sina is no exception. The higher the level, the weight seems bigger and grade is determined by visitors flow IP blog site, so brush blog traffic and become a lot of things to do. Brush and blog traffic in many places, in Shanghai above the search box input Sina blog each step can find what you need. After the Sina blog brush enough grade, published articles ranking more forward. The title of the article is best with long tail keywords, and in the content in a large number of his title and take site links, so easy to blog traffic to the website. The following is the Sina blog traffic data:

also has some products, such as Wikipedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of love in Shanghai. The three is love Shanghai for Wikipedia encyclopedia of domestic websites. The first is the love of Shanghai is the main search engine Chinese, Chinese familiar love Shanghai. The second is the two encyclopedia add links with nofollow tag will last, love Shanghai Encyclopedia of the link is a stable source of traffic mode. All this does not say, love love in Shanghai encyclopedia above the Shanghai rankings are very good, in the love of Shanghai encyclopedia above build links can better bring the site weight. Of course, love the Shanghai encyclopedia entry is not difficult to build. Just follow the instructions given to the user’s love Shanghai encyclopedia, the success rate will be very high. (this is the author of love Shanghai through an account rate screenshot)



a site suddenly love Shanghai today is not impossible, but we can not just look at all of a sudden surge of background data, to understand that this is based on every day adhere to the case that some results. And let the web search engine off, to the station optimization and stood outside optimization combination. But in this case the station optimization is mainly the day to maintain a normal update, the rest is mainly the construction of the chain, so I have to share the main chain construction of their own means to write. And outside chain construction, the author pay attention to the construction of the chain is stable, and the flow can lead to stable, so the author selected the following three main platform to the construction of the chain:


, building

The chain is not the pursuit of more

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