With 5 seconds to read why didn’t you rank

don’t think user experience is: website advertising is not a good user experience, for flow station, no advertising can live? I don’t think: website rich products, introduce perfect user experience is excellent! Don’t think: I do a good website of Shanghai dragon ah, the user experience is not the difference may be


what is the user experience, how to make the user experience? For the former, ISO said: "the user experience, the user feels before, the use of a product or system during and after use, including emotions, beliefs, preferences, perceptions, physiological and psychological responses, behavior and achievement etc.."

three: the final say the quality of information.

two: why optimizing structure is not reasonable:

: why my website user experience poor

often have I asked the webmaster at A5 Business School: "why didn’t the website ranking?" I answered most is: the website user experience is poor, unreasonable structure optimization, information quality is, if to control the above three points, ranking will naturally give you, in turn, no ranking of words: find the problem in these three points can be

structured unreasonable not to say that you do not have a pseudo static website ranking, in fact the dynamic website ranking outstanding is beyond count. The structure is not reasonable or that masked a huge screen, reducing the garbage can be massive. So, here I said the rationality of the structure optimization is what? A picture to read:

? ! ! !

how to make a good user experience, good user experience is not only the product advantages more prominent, due to the lack of products will be circumvented by some methods, pay attention to avoid, not to escape, such as the "stones" of a product is very good:

we often see some sites: a classification after one by one, even if more different categories of products, is the light level classification is very irritating point! This is related to the structure and the "user experience" problem! In our process of Shanghai dragon diagnosis often encountered in some sites even depth reached 7, then the spider to catch the 7 layer. If it were a person, you may need 7 points to see the final content, it is easy to increase the bounce rate, so the search engine optimization Website: encourage flat



if you do not know? Only one point: full of poor, believe that such products, after not sell! And now this product, the author consulted Tmall, Jingdong’s flagship store and found no such difference. While a product failure is likely to lead the user to an enterprise all product acceptance decreased, this user experience is very bad,

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