The rain in Shanghai dragon revelation it is worth learning but to clear understanding


do not always say that others are not good, but you have not reached the height of his, you are in fact envy; don’t always feel that God worship than people, not too much, he is not a legend. In fact, you are not confident enough, they can not have general courage, sometimes some things are really "Everything is nothing", as long as you do, and continue to do, you must be successful.

1, I do not worship the rain, but he is worth learning

black hat techniques are not subject to the white hat Shanghai dragon tooth, but its effect is indeed the white hat Shanghai dragon fall far behind. It is like a drug, all know drugs, all know smoking is not easy to quit, but there are still people who want to try to see what effect, I tell the truth of some black hat technology eyebrows. Imagine, if we can a month to optimize a website.

do not know how many people will be affected in this optimization approach rain rain events in Shanghai dragon, I believe there are a lot of, give you a suggestion here: learning rain fog to Shanghai dragon skills knowledge the truth, do not draw a tiger not anti canine.


Hello, I am Beijing Midea air conditioning repair. For a topic webmaster circle the most recent fire is the rain Shanghai dragon, to tell the truth, I know the rain for a long time before, talked with him, that he is indeed a man worthy of stationmaster. The station he has some spirit: perseverance, execution, the first heart, the spirit of research, good attitude, strong technical. All of these are hard to come by, he said such a thing, he last year to do the optimization, also long to go to hospital for surgery of tumor. I don’t want to say how much he cattle, is not to say that I really tell him how to worship, only this point I think it should be worthy of our respect. How many webmaster can have 15 hours every day he work execution, how many webmaster can he did not get crazy until the first determination, perhaps his approach is not worthy of our normal Shanghai Longfeng learning, but for the Shanghai dragon industry v. we need this kind of blood.

2, fog general truth, not to draw a tiger not anti canine

I do not worship the rain, but had to admire his success is not accidental, but he’s really do, like I don’t believe that last year’s profit for the exchange, but people still strong as ever, the students still like a snowball, 10 months to reach twenty thousand students. From these two examples we can learn a lot, such as Shanghai dragon training the key is to have a great reputation as a spiritual leader, you get the strength to speak. For a long time on his ebook tutorial to a soft fudge batch of students, and the rain choose to use their own examples and strength to convince the people, with a different approach, but the effect is similar. They have done their own marketing is very good, our webmaster when making money whether Shanghai Longfeng did this?

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