The website of Shanghai dragon core optimization focus on people to do

so, how the site around the people of Shanghai Longfeng optimization? We can be divided into four kinds of Internet, these four kinds of relationships including the relationship between people and people, people and information, people and applications, people and services, the relationship between the four, be targeted in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process in the full understanding to the user experience of the website, he is on the face of the user who what they give, for what, in order to establish a clear goal.


promotion optimization, according to the characteristics of the website products, looking for target customers, what are they doing? What do they need? These are the sites need to be considered, the implementation to the end, is to be able to communicate with people, to treat those who rely on trading behavior, website traffic earnings, the relationship between man and people are strange, can attract strangers visit the web site, because users find excitement and concern, the relationship between the people and even strangers, and is the same, only the people understand, to attract users with emotional content, the site is continuous flow, it is also the most basic the.

and information

The relationship between

the internet no matter how powerful, all cannot do without the people exchanges, ten years ago, the Internet can easily register an account, just casually swearing, do anything, with the Internet supervision system more perfect, the Internet people are no longer mysterious, almost every site has a certain scale, involving to the economy, the personal property of the website, are registered to the real name system, the Internet has bid farewell to the "chat with you, I do not know who is still a dog", the Internet will be more and more transparent.

site by Shanghai dragon optimization to improve search engine rankings the final purpose is to let more users know and enter your own website. As a personal webmaster, in Shanghai Longfeng optimization on the first day, they put people in the first place, over reliance on the search engine, the effect will be greatly discounted, or even no effect! Because now, Google began to increase the emphasis on the optimization of Shanghai dragon website crackdown, the search engine to rely too much on individual owners, is not a good news. So, website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, human centered optimization is the core and fundamental.

the Internet every day to provide a lot of information, accept a person’s ability is limited, want to find the answer to the user, he hoped that in a short time.

this is the most basic relationship in the Internet, behind every site planning, and each website’s content is for people, relatively static website, SNS, QQ chat tools, network game, chess game is undoubtedly the interaction between man and man’s subdivision. As a non-profit website, by Shanghai dragon optimization to get the input in the search engine keywords over people, and QQ chat tools, network applications, game playing poker is to attract users to browse the site through interaction.


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