Virtual son rain do systematic external site optimization in two aspects

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front wrote an article "do the systematic" website internal optimization in four aspects, this article if you read the certainly know which specific about the website internal optimization aspects, because the only way to make the system of internal site optimization. As everyone knows, only for internal web site optimization is not enough, the overall site optimization requires a combination of internal and external, while the external optimization is the priority among priorities, if do external optimization system and the optimization of the site work will be easy. Today I am here to introduce how to make the external website optimization system.

most of the time, a new site is not known, this time is the most difficult site, at this stage the most need to do is not only the content of construction and the construction of the chain, also need to focus on the cultivation of their own brands, started their own brand. Brand is mainly divided into three steps: the establishment of brand culture brand – brand.

brand not only we simply choose a brand keywords or a flagship brand products, here we need to do a lot of. We must first establish the website brand word, the best is the name of the company name or the name of a unique product or service, and then find the advantage of their own characteristics, these things are out, so that we can accept our brand, our brand awareness gradually, make the brand slowly popular.

C, the brand started

1, started their own brand

The establishment of

A, the establishment of brand

after a period of culture, is the promotion of our campaign time. We need to love Shanghai, classified information, the purchase of advertising and other means to let more people know our website. If you have the ability, I think you can also carry out some activities on the site, the method of Gaopeng do in the beginning, other sites have done. When everything is almost done, our brand will be naturally started.

brand culture


culture brand of the process is actually the most difficult, many people have fallen in this stage. How to develop their own brand is the key. We have to do is put on the network brand word is sent to the site, the more web site on the web, let people see a word will think of our website, see the site will know what is a website. Obviously, this process is very difficult, but because of difficult, many people will choose to give up, so we must do it well.


external optimization is the priority among priorities, on the one hand, we should establish its own brand, on the other hand, we need to build enough quality backlinks, so that we can put our site outside the work to be perfect, do system. Below I divided these two aspects to talk about how to make the system of external optimization.

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