Since some mall service advantage of Jingdong

Internet discussion O2O will be the future of the electricity supplier of the road, can be seen that the Jingdong is also in the development of O2O, and the Jingdong to beat the wolf Butch, become business crested, the layout of the line must be carried out. Since the question seems just a small warehouse, is actually a >

sure this way greatly reduces the cost, we all know that Jingdong are deliveryman, but the workload is great, if you have such a self off point, will greatly reduce the manual workload, but also reduce expenditure. Chinese what is the most expensive, the most expensive is artificial.

Jingdong China electricity supplier. The original Liu Qiangdong has been involved in these matters, no wonder the time micro-blog. Here, I have to praise the Jingdong, said Jingdong Yijuduode, dare to be the first, is a model of the electricity supplier who should learn. I think Jingdong opened since some advantages are the following:

This model is also the first person

mall recently has been very low-key, seemingly not what action, even Liu Qiangdong also very little in the micro-blog speech, do not know is not in preparation for the year-end bonus? Heard that year-end bonus for HUAWEI is 12 billion 500 million, the listed company is unusual. Poor us the bitter Internet people, only to hear the Chinese new year end award, also never practice.

mall Jingdong Chengdu branch official said, in cooperation with the WOWO convenience store, the convenience store is equivalent to the Jingdong mall store. If found quality problems can be refused, then by the Jingdong and WOWO convenience stores docking. In the future, the two sides will according to the development of different regions, select the representative stores to carry out the business.

drillMany people in

will be the first mall Jingdong will make a preliminary cooperation with two WOWO stores, but not all goods are suitable for the extraction of WOWO in the convenience store, the commodity weight limit below 15 kilograms or 0.02 cubic meters in volume.

Jingdong Jingdong

recently saw a news Jingdong: Jingdong announced cooperation with WOWO mall, convenience stores, shopping mall in the future customer Jingdong, will be the delivery address in the vicinity of WOWO convenience stores, convenient to carry.

service has very good reputation, increase self advice service mode, will greatly enhance the Jingdong’s personalized service tenet. The development of the electricity supplier has been in the pursuit of different development, Jingdong is undoubtedly a step ahead.

, reduce labor costs

Jingdong opened since the question actually had a ready, in September, the Jingdong has the layout of a lot of points, Liu Qiangdong published in micro-blog said at the time: "unattended! 24 hours from mentioning, I hope each cell can have! But we do not have to worry about the payment of the self support field credit card payment."

three, the latest O2O model

two, increase the personalized service of

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