Site optimization problems need to be combined with the demand of the user

first, to the core position in the website to add about slimming products, slimming products, the effect of knowledge in this area, and the content is placed on the homepage of the column top, or featured on the site’s home page, when users enter the site can in a very short period of time to be able to see you concerned about the content. Of course, the content of Title should also be very eye-catching, it not only has a good user experience, but for the love of spiders in Shanghai, also has a good affinity. Because the love from the Shanghai perspective, grasp the user cares content is the first element of the first level, then the content on the site, but also very beneficial to love Shanghai spider crawl, which contributes to the website content page rankings.

The essence of

for example, we can choose the words "slimming products", from Shanghai to see if love search row in Shanghai love home is divided into three parts, one is the site keywords love Shanghai auction. One is love Shanghai slimming products products on the interpretation of the concept, the last part is about slimming products website. Keywords input slimming products, they can see what kind of weight loss products good effect in Shanghai love search box in the drop-down menu, the price of this kind of slimming products, long tail keywords, the fact that the needs of the user is about slimming product performance and price etc..

but from the user’s perspective on the optimization needs often bring optimization workers very big confusion, although the theory is good, then execution is relatively empty, there is no focal point, it is difficult to know exactly where the needs of users, and so their optimization, how to judge whether to meet the needs of users, and these are the difficulties of optimization. Which I think can from the following aspects according to the user needs to optimize the site.

website optimization is to enhance the website ranking, and gain high popularity and user loyalty, finally make a site profit. It is the ultimate result is the requirement of website can make a profit. However, even if most of the time is website promotion to love Shanghai home, but the profit margin is not necessarily able to ascend, thus can not be a simple web site optimization for ranking and ranking, but to optimize the user’s point of view, and on the basis of improving the ranking of the site.

second, website content difference and quality. This is not only the key to attract the user’s attention, but also love Shanghai original plan under the requirements. This has fully demonstrated the common needs of users and the website optimization. To highlight the differences of the original web site content, can not simply copy or collect peer weight articles. >

this will give us the understanding of user needs, providing a window, and we can also search through love Shanghai and Shanghai love index to analyze the long tail keywords and keywords, and according to the number of the search results page of Shanghai love to judge, to obtain the most concern to the user. Find ways of understanding user needs can be targeted to the website optimization.

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