Shanghai Longfeng new station outside the chain construction strategy optimization

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railway station, the construction of the chain, from the beginning of

here are, don’t rush to a day 100 articles a day, or all the search engines to landing. Be steady. Work steadily。 Even if tomorrow you first again? The day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow the day after tomorrow?

site opened for three months, and then began to look for a link to

although the new site is not easy to get links, but in accordance with the above methods do, singular network marketing company that still can easily get the external links, not every webmaster very stingy!

website just opened, can not act with undue haste

external links on the site optimization as we all know, especially high quality external links. But in the process of the construction of the external links, the actual situation is " the rich richer and the poor poorer ", serious polarization. If your website has a lot of external links, the PR value is high, ranking has been good, then your article is easily found by other people, other owners may automatically link to your site, without much effort, even if it is also relatively easy to find Links. But on a railway station, the most difficult to find the first few links is referred to here, the link refers to the targeted high quality outside the chain, if you want to find the spam links that would be a different matter.

When the new

the following external links for the construction of the new station, I ask some personal suggestions:

The importance of After the new

stressed that everyone in the external links, but I don’t think so, the new station should first send a good article, and then find the high quality of the external links to the spider, the spider find highly dense site guidance, your article will soon find the spider, then climb to you here, then look at their own the experience to carry out the operation.

web site directory, web site is to be included in other web site, so get links from the catalog is relatively easy. In addition to the large directory on the Internet, there are many industry categories, local government catalogue and individual small sites etc.. Take the time to find the log directory. You can not be too fast, slow, or a word " ". Of course, want to be included in your site, the premise is your site at least should look good, most categories will not look like spam sites included.

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