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so, this product currently has no guest already doing




do Taobao off most of the time, if we can predict some profits, then you will step faster than others to profit the end point, but there are too many friends will not use this technique, always to these profits to the surface of the water, just follow suit to do this when you actually have a lag behind others a lot of, the number of competitors is rising sharply!!! Today, I give this product to share with you, personally think that Taobao will be off profits products next, because of various signs show that this is a worthy of our guests to Taobao for a piece of cake!

, and we go to the GG keyword tool to query, the data can also be used to demonstrate the above point of view, here I will not wordy.

3. in-depth investigation: trading team investors began to investigate the opportunities for start-up companies, and to share their findings and understanding with other partners in the team. This includes all aspects of the start-up company’s considerations: the entrepreneurial team itself, its market, product development blueprint and sales channels. At the same time, VC will contact experts in the industry to refine their views. VC also asks the start-up company for an explanation when investigating. Generally speaking, the problems raised by VC at this stage will be very specific, such as market size, corporate moat, regulatory risk, competitiveness and so on. In this rank >


, let’s take a look at the sh419 index and the shlf1314 keyword tool’s data display,

also, we can find that CC cream is what the word actually came in first place a search, it has proved that this product is still at the beginning stage, there are many customers do not understand this product. So this product will definitely be as acceptable as BB cream after all. It’s only a matter of time.

in any case, the process of financing from VC always looks strange, elusive, and unorganized. Now, I will explain the process from the entrepreneur’s own point of view.

this product is: CC cream.

you 2, CC cream began to have a large number of searches from 2010 until August, so this is a new product! We look at C search volume increased constantly, so the concept of CC cream has been more and more people know.


the original, reproduced please indicate the source: Dragon Wangzhuan

Abstract: it seems to be a process of financing, and no organization too profound to be understood, but in fact it is the four key steps. To finance success, you have to understand these four steps. These four steps are: screening, socialization, thorough investigation and final decision.

, let’s take a look at CC cream related keywords:

if you go to sh419 search CC cream, then, can be found to have a website in the third row, using a single page mode, also in sixth also used single page mode to do so, station, from the statistical data of the first page, not doing this product Amoy!! this product! And there will be more long tail word, also will have more niche market. So, I hope that through this case, let us find more similar potential profits of popular products, to seize the initiative, The early bird catches


2. social: if in the first meeting, a partner or investment team are interested in the impression and prospects of the company, they will return to their own company and colleagues to share that information. In the process of socialization, VC usually requires meeting with start-up companies again. In the next round of meetings, the founders will repeat the previous round, but this time they will have more people, and of course not all partners. If investors and entrepreneurs agree and see the possibilities and opportunities from each other, the trading team will initiate an in-depth inquiry into the start-up company. As in the first round, 15% of start-ups will enter the investigation stage.

in financing, entrepreneurs will observe that investors who are interested in themselves will go through four stages to decide whether or not they really invest: screening, socialization, in-depth investigation, and final decision. Based on the data of my own investment channels, these four phases will develop in that order.

1. screening: This is the first round of meetings between investors and entrepreneurs. The head of the screening phase is usually the assistant, the legal representative, and one or two partners. At this stage, investors will assess the risks, market size and industry of the investment, then consider whether these are in line with their capital size and investment objectives. According to experience, about 15% of entrepreneurs can successfully pass this hurdle and move on to the next stage.

is a process of financing, it seems no organization too profound to be understood, but in fact it is the four key steps. To finance success, you have to understand these four steps. These four steps are: screening, socialization, thorough investigation and final decision.

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