Love Shanghai share in the end is angel or devil

is here with you first make it clear that it is love Shanghai to share ranking is certainly helpful. Because now the social ranking for increasing influence, this is a clear description of the Google. We all know that Google is a global search giant, love Shanghai has been in imitation of Google. I love Shanghai share for ranking has a positive impact is no County read. But if the use is not good, may cause side effects, why do you say that, if a site has a large share, but not outside the chain, this is the love of Shanghai can not accept. Because if people share more, believe that the chain will produce more. In fact, this is all from the common sense, so that Shanghai people share love brush if you do not cooperate with the chain is good, love is likely to be Shanghai that is a brush. Here please brush those love Shanghai people pay attention to share. Simple brush love Shanghai share is meaningless.

love Shanghai products is always the webmaster can not be ignored, a few months ago, Shanghai launched a love love Shanghai share, and the webmaster of the Blitz, it also can not blame the webmaster. Because I love Shanghai to share just when the beta version of love Shanghai clearly can improve the site keywords ranking, then test version of the webmaster use. In fact, the ranking is of no doubt, but love Shanghai share only the correct use will contribute to the rank, if used improperly or is out of the brush, and might even have side effects. What are we going to do will contribute to the ranking? If you use the good will on your website is the devil.

here to share the love of Shanghai it is also important to mention, that is love love Shanghai Shanghai launched the original intention of share, share the love love Shanghai launched with Shanghai statistics is one thing, that is used to collect user data. The data for the user experience affect the ranking is more and more important. Here there is a very important point to mention, before I wrote this article. For the love of Shanghai, your user experience is very good, PV is very high, customer loyalty is very high, so put on love Shanghai statistics are quite favorable for ranking. In fact, love and love Shanghai Shanghai statistics share different approaches but equally satisfactory results, then love Shanghai love Shanghai statistics and share the same is used to collect user data. That is if you are a user experience good site, you are suitable for the love of Shanghai share, because everything is in the eyes of love Shanghai, "

mentioned here is the love of Shanghai to share that we have to mention this in front of the chain, also said, if people do not share the chain. Will let people cheat, and vice versa, if you have a site outside the chain of the majority, but did not share. Although that is not cheating, because I believe that many of them are not installed in Shanghai love to share, this is another matter. But if your site is installed on the outside of the chain many love Shanghai share, and no one to share, this is not a reasonable explanation, the content of your website is not poor quality. So here I am judging, love Shanghai share and the chain is complementary to each other.

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