Optimization analysis of several points in the website construction site

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many sites in the site construction in order to more dynamic effects, add too much JS code, which gives the search engines has brought many problems, because the search engines tend to website construction in some simple HTML code, because this information is easy to identify, can improve the efficiency of web search engines.

4 Links

Shanghai dragon, know the effect of Links website weight, but many of our customers do not love their website links to others, "empty chain website" is also to love Shanghai friendly performance, because no single site weight, in the absence of other people on the basis of the link, the opportunity to attract spider is greatly diminished, not conducive to the website optimization of late, so it should be in the construction site must pay attention to the problem.

recently, the company has been receiving some website optimization customers, many customers are in the site construction site optimization to pay attention, only pay attention to web page appearance, ignore the optimization of the site structure, leads to the appearance of web pages can not attract potential target customers, after the station was aware of the importance website optimization.

code is too cumbersome Ignore the user experience

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the following website optimization problem I should pay attention to the website construction in a share, inadequacies also please add:


1. JS

a lot of customer sites require simple and elegant, this too concise even let users only "on the website of seductive but cannot be transformed into the" consumer ", which greatly lost the meaning of the construction site, because users come to the site, do not know the original intention of the website construction in what place, even in the absence of website construction the basic functions, it is greatly disappointed, how could the existence of" two return "

in the construction site, customers often have requirements of website construction must highlight the "first appearance", especially some kind of show business website, almost did not join the static web applications, but the large-scale FLASH documents show that on the one hand, increasing the difficulty of the construction site, and as the site of the construction of the party, we do not recommend this do the same as above, the reason is not conducive to the site’s search engine optimization.

2 FLASH by

love of spiders in Shanghai should be like our clients, we may be the first two deception will bring short-term profit, but once formed a vicious spiral, the love of Shanghai would not trust us, and on our website right down, so from the beginning of the website construction, we should always pay attention to love Shanghai the ranking changes of volatility, and deal with the relationship between the love of Shanghai, to avoid the use of black hat, do not go beyond the prescribed limit step.

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