Pay only four steps on how to optimize the new harvest

four, persevere can have the harvest

and the new Shanghai love like a stranger with her, when a stranger with their relationship, heart may have many distrust ideas, such as how the quality of the people, what do, when we exchange for a period of time, will have a certain understanding of him, if it is found that the these people are good, then we have to trust him. In fact the railway station is also so, beginning may love Shanghai in all aspects of the situation continue to inspect the site, if every day we can adhere to the optimization, and regularly to publish and update the chain and content, so the website trust will improve with time and with. This is why some friends of the site can achieve the effect, in fact, does not mean that his website weight is very high, but the love of Shanghai trust in the site is very high.

old station relative to the new station, it has a lot of advantages, such as stability keywords ranking, not ordinary station fluctuation is too large, and the new possible rankings, no ranking, it is difficult for original articles included, recently conducted three new, optimized to be quite effective. According to the optimization routines to share their new website how such as optimization, can achieve more ideal effect:

The new The relationship between A

station optimization and reasonable is the basis of

two, the content quality about website weight

is like an immature.

railway station, we must pay attention to the content of the website quality, content update is a very boring thing, especially for some of the industry do not understand, is original not what things, can only use the method to create pseudo original content, in fact, pseudo original quality depth is still very good, even better than the time spent our original more, so we do not think the original is false just change the title, replace keywords; good content is in love with Shanghai for sure, several websites of their own, there included after the keywords ranking good.

three, optimization of regular promotion website trust

The new

must first fix station before optimization, in fact is in the station optimization, such as reasonable layout keywords, keywords home Title placement and the navigation section of the keyword set should be around the core to create a new word, the individual is not recommended to have too much content, the page should be concise and clear, with the website weight the promotion and the needs of users, later gradually extended it, in addition to good use of some tags, some did not content with robots blocked, such as writing day created personal blog that included a lot of dynamic pages, using robots shielding after a week on the effect, in addition to canonical, H, nofollow and other labels reasonable use, we found that well in the station optimization, optimization and promotion of the later plays a very important role The role of.

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