The most common love Shanghai snapshot snapshot back cause analysis

about love Shanghai snapshot have times in the Shanghai dragon N said, for the love of Shanghai snapshot back has a lot of problems caused by factors, there is a Huizhou buddy website snapshot these days is always one or two days correction correction, and update, is not serious. Every webmaster about your website is not a problem, more anxious about this problem. Today Huizhou Shanghai dragon blog first to simply talk about the common problems of snapshot backward:

Since algorithm to adjust the love of Shanghai

the main site, the accumulation of a large number of keywords, and the keyword density is very high, this problem is fatal, serious direct K station, even the snapshot is gone, let alone the correction. This issue believe that many webmaster must understand, to the user’s point of view to the layout of key words, and natural appearance, here a recommendation to write on the front page "website article" how to optimize 贵族宝贝zhongyanfeng贵族宝贝/690.html, can refer to. Unless you are Shanghai dragon white, detour is normal, more refined would understand.

2, optimization over

then someone will ask the question what’s the relationship with the Shanghai dragon? In fact, this is a guess, the position for promotion of Shanghai love less, so for the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love will be adjusted, may also lead to love Shanghai snapshot. But for Shanghai dragon Er is absolutely beneficial, after all, at least for bidding, our group of Shanghai dragon buddy can get more and more show.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain will refuse tool chain for the assembly line, Shanghai is now the role of love not just big, because now Shanghai love can identify which is garbage outside the chain, for the owners to automatically filter out, but this does not mean that Shanghai will not punish those who love in a short time a large increase the chain site, which made Shanghai the spider love disorder, lead to the spider can not judge this site is normal. Links is the same. "

on the Wei Zexi love event, Shanghai adjusted the bidding promotion, the first is the bidding of the interface is more obvious, before two is not very ordinary "promotion" word, but has now become a "commercial promotion" and will be able to see one eye, then the position adjustment for promotion 30%, it is only up to 4 for position, the promotion is removed.


I think the server stability is the primary factor of snapshot back, if the site often open slowly or not open, this love Shanghai search engine spiders is not love, on the contrary, when the spider came to the site can smoothly capture, will love it. This factor can be ruled out high weight website, this needless to say, the weight of your site you will go to the high rent Xiaodaxiaonao server?

1, server stability

4, the chain and Links

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