The site was k after a week to return to normal

two, view the site log

now love Shanghai there is a webmaster reminder, as long as your site after certification, the dynamic can easily control their own website.


of these measures are each at the site, many webmaster and I take the same situation, many people have no new discovery. The following small from the technical level to explore the new website why haven’t returned to normal after a week.

read an article "understand the search engine changes" through the analysis of the web log, if you don’t know how to view the site log you can see this article, believe that can help you.

Before If the site is

originally the site in the last month is still relatively normal, but two weeks before the start, one day to see the site snapshot, suddenly found the snapshot of the back, then felt a little unusual, indeed, last week the weight was reduced by K website, more than 50, keywords ranking all no, very sad. After being K and down right on the site, how we operate, restore and set the weight ranking

problem, check the space business server is stable


is on the site this week after K, at a loss from the beginning, and then to a famous forum and some famous webmaster to ask. I do, but I heard many webmaster will go to check whether there is a problem or a chain of Web site update.

K did a series of measures, the website still did not improve the situation, you can operate in these areas. For example, the space business server is often open or not open phenomenon.

Note: the

website with IP site. Sometimes, we are only a cursory examination to ask the chain or a chain of problems, often ignore the problem with the IP site inspection. Small reminder: we do not too rigid, not what to do in accordance with the tutorial. Of course, there are many tutorials talked about using IP right down the website will affect other websites. That is because your site acquisition with IP sites implicated in it, it can’t be denied. So, personal Adsense one point to remember, was K in the website after each website you this IP segment, to see whether there are ranking. If you are not ranked, then Shanghai will love your entire IP site drop right. This problem is very serious, if this is not the case, it is our own website problems.


three, check with the IP site of

site was k after a week, how to restore the normal

?The I have four sites

1, website update to

2, the web server and the space to ensure stable

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