The search engines don’t care if we care about junk

has great influence on this site of the Shanghai dragon master thinking. To understand the characteristics of search engine can solve many problems on the myth of Shanghai dragon, though the truth looks very simple. Take a look at the most common example: a lot of effort webmaster often complain that they spend a lot of time and experience to manage their own website, no cheating, the content is very comprehensive, but the ranking is not, why? Standing in the search engine’s position to understand we can easily understand. Whether to give your search engine ranking doesn’t care, it is only concerned with its users whether to find the required information, if found, no matter from which it is this website, indifferent.

in Shanghai Longfeng rookie forum, a website is my station deleted, which changed many of my views, I think beginners need to experience such a thought on the growth and the course of struggle. If you do the first half of the website, still have that kind of thinking, so I mentioned at the beginning, you risk. We need to understand is that search engines don’t really care about us.

I work for half a year, the overall situation of improvements to the website or not, should be done has been done well, the reason is analyzed very comprehensive, but is unable to obtain good Shanghai Longfeng effect, we can optimize the level of suspected Shanghai Longfeng person, but can not deny the universality of this phenomenon. I think, to the search engine, the lack of which sites are never mind, of course, unless your site is Sina, the search giant NetEase, you a James with the heat in the news but not by Sina, NetEase, Sohu news results, so the user experience is very low, the search engine will care. However, the vast majority of cases, the lack of our love, Shanghai is nothing, it also attributed to users of this does not matter, people will not.

this article is my personal webmaster for half a year after the most wanted to say, not technical tutorials, nor personal experience. If you read this article, may be able to harvest a good mentality, the mentality of a dragon in Shanghai for website, it is clear in the current environment, we rarely notice. I want to say the topic two: do not care about personal webmaster search engine and search engine’s attitude towards waste, but we don’t care about the garbage, you don’t understand the mistake, the two are closely linked, I want to say is that if you do well, the search engine can be free, and if the garbage, the search engine will notice us. Hope that a friend read this article and I together webmaster search engine perspective to understand, to understand this point, so you can better control our future work, and even occupation career.

website and Shanghai dragon optimization and love we always feel very close to Shanghai, it seems to be a close friend, I updated, it included, then give me a ranking, there is a problem but it will help me to solve, we always try to get more from Shanghai love there, think of ways to get it help.

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