Three communication enterprises in Shanghai on the Dragon

this is also I want to say, has been a very important point of communication, it is the enterprise website construction company and the space of all companies, may be in general is the same company, in themselves, they have to optimize the website, a website with Links, the results of the second day. Link all is the site deleted, made me depressed; there is a return to the enterprise server without breaking, one day does not open, it is also possible to reflect, some companies do not understand this, so long must be a lot of communication, only a lot of communication.

remember your first job is in the network company, the task is to do Shanghai Longfeng, remember the Shanghai dragon is hokey outside the chain, but not every site is through the chain up to do, but also in Shanghai Longfeng process, there are many things we all need to pay attention to the local, especially communication, we must master the communication, can let the site further survival again, Shanghai is a way to phoenix.

here to understand the enterprise information, including company size, company product information, business news, etc., after after all this information, will be a good reference for us to do the Shanghai dragon, the company learned that the company’s profile, we can go to some B2B platform to register an account, and then to release products in connection with, when you collect more than 10 websites every day, released 10 products, it is every day to do the 100 links in the industry website, the link quality is very high, I have been very willing to do the construction of the chain industry the site is an arduous process, the need to adhere to the.

second: the need to understand the communication information of


: the first communication need to understand the purpose of doing business in Shanghai dragon

this is the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon, only when we fully understand the enterprise Shanghai Longfeng purpose, in order to better their Shanghai Longfeng marketing, this kind of information, is the need to do keyword ranking, the key difficulty of the first to explain to them, if well done, after the make up, if you have difficulty, we need to fully explain to them that interested, for the benefits of long tail keywords from the angle of the enterprise, will bring more benefits in the future and the key word to improve as the groundwork; also, we need to do is Shanghai dragon about the brand construction, on this point, some Shanghai dragon company will next, here, brand construction, generally choose the way of brand is soft The writing is on the construction of the soft Shanghai dragon should learn knowledge, released to the soft platform, and some publicity, is a necessary way to brand.

third: the need to understand the communication enterprises website company and web server space contact

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