Another way to improve the weights of the website using the web site navigation

third: complete the accurate information website. In such a free platform to promote their own websites, not only because to do a site outside the chain, I think the most important thing is that this platform can bring you flow, all the information in the website was very important. The keyword of the website, the website of the label, description of the website, need you fill in the form. Sometimes users in the search site, submit keywords, or website title, may also be a simple description of the site. If your keyword retrieval system to write a good, will be very easy to be retrieved, so to bring website traffic is very optimistic.

website promotion, the chain should not lack the high weight of the site navigation, navigation website can improve the site’s weight. The hao123 navigation website successful, navigation website has become the grassroots development prospect, until now the site navigation flying everywhere. Site navigation is a free platform for the promotion, the chain webmaster want to learn to share, and to improve their outside chain and weight. Some time ago Shiwang spirit also had a lot of chain site directory, which also had some good website, here is not to say to you, I say free advertising, want to know in private for me. Practical experience in process of bloggers and share their.

The construction scheme of the webmaster write

second: leveraging the correct directory. After finding the right in many free platform, the most important thing is to submit your site in the platform. Directory on the platform is many, each of the following categories will have two class classification, all submitted to the site, must choose the categories and their related websites. In general the same directory website can only submit a platform, to platform can bring you more traffic, the classification of the submitted option is very important. Do not fill in, whether it is a class or two class, have to choose the appropriate. This force is fire borrowed.

1: leveraging the right platform. Site navigation directory is really a lot, don’t do not know, also began to think that resources are hard to find, then fell in love with the sea search is really a lot of feeling. But bloggers did not use all the sites submitted, just choose some and their related platform website directory. Directoryblogger of lavender is submitted data, this is a IDC website, all bloggers and webmasters will find some related websites, like some life service website, although there is also the classification of computer network, but bloggers and website really not all also not to do. Site navigation force is huge, we want to force, but also borrows is not so easy, all we have to find a good platform to share. Don’t waste their time.

fourth: first retreat skills. Although these directory sites are free, but the most basic requirement is to you to add a single on their website. It is difficult to submit through audit does not add single site, but it is very unfair to the webmaster. But in order to successfully submit website >

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