Black Friday grassroots webmaster nightmare

reduced the weight – news site


products has always been the love of Shanghai is relatively high, it is obvious to people, this is no way, after all they love with a Shanghai, these products like love love Shanghai Shanghai children, can not give special care? Is the so-called fertilizer does not flow outside the field, it is this truth, this black Friday on other sites although not friendly, so many grassroots webmaster has been punished, but for the love of Shanghai pay more attention to their own products, but also has been lifting weight.

K station is the most – medical website

products to enhance the weight of loveThe weight of < >

since June since the K was low, the largest number of medical sites, such sites are meet the eye everywhere plucking that black Friday in July 13th is no exception, is still the most medical site was plucked, medical treatment hard to do stand, at this moment became useless, fell in love with the sea K station without mercy. The pseudo original content of medical article update site every day or two, is hard to modify the collection of editors, but these articles usually have a common problem, this statement is not fluent, the wrong information is often occurs, users sometimes cannot read, has a great impact on the user experience of the website.

included a large drop of -B2B site

is one of the many grassroots webmaster only a short while ago Friday, exciting day, once a week to love Shanghai update is gathering tens of thousands of grassroots dream, but now it has become a nightmare for many grassroots webmaster. Shanghai K station Friday from June low love since right down the storm has not disappeared, the webmaster you escaped? The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) and we talk about the next black Friday, what exactly is the webmaster

don’t know careful webmaster have found that many B2B sites were down right, form is varied, such as: included plummeted, keywords ranking drop, but the chain branch does not change much, the cause of this phenomenon, mainly because the site pseudo original content too much, although there are a lot of information the user is self published, but it is not original, but early in the other sites on some of the content. Therefore, when the content exceeds a certain amount, it may cause adverse effects, cause the attention of the search engine, to punish the site.

as long as the money can be bought by news sources, the soft can get the high quality of the chain, the black Friday on the site to conduct a comprehensive right down, and pay more attention to the content of the news site quality and relevance, this action is also love Shanghai, love can be the original, it is in order to rectify the harmonious development the internet. The black Friday news site gave a heavy blow, the hope can cause the attention of news sites, from now on, not for a moment of interest, and free to publish commercial advertising.


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