Friends still Shanghai dragon still

chat over, into the theme. This article is to share some friends feelings, June 6th Wui road Zhu Weikun, Li Jinlong to visit Shenzhen, therefore as a member of the real name network marketing, as a good friend should do the honors, so that night dinner, because I have something to go so than late, but does not affect the atmosphere and passion exchange the.

we Kan Kan Kan day life, rarely talk about the Internet, but did not pull the mobile internet. Because the line of the party’s value is far greater than the Internet communication. But our communication process is not the same thing, that is the Shanghai dragon. From the origin of the Shanghai dragon, it is very hard to get the Shanghai dragon, even if you are not engaged in the work of Shanghai dragon, and ultimately will use thinking and look to sweep all Shanghai dragon. This is the Shanghai dragon life. (I scare everyone)

is not a long time to write the article, every day, I can’t keep up with the pace of time. In the Internet mix for a long time, feel more and more lazy, too lazy to do not want to eat their own cooking, fast food is fast food every day except. As for writing continuously, it is put aside today to pick up the keyboard, shut the lonely and impetuous, knocked on the door of the text.

is Shanghai dragon will talk about, we exchange the experience, agree that love still in Shanghai, Shanghai dragon still, we are still.

Shanghai dragon, is in need of business, Shanghai dragon itself has not changed, the only change is the user, the only change is the love of Shanghai in disguise.

Shanghai dragon ranking factors in addition to the content is outside the chain, a lot of the time we found that the nature is not changed, but our employees the simple complicated. The contents of the user useful content, the chain website related to the chain, share your website, manage your website.

for Shanghai Longfeng technical thing, not too many new discoveries, or in the same way, insist on is victory.

stared at the online network marketing is not reliable, the exchange is >

Zhu Weikun is still young and handsome, the down because with the sister-in-law to deliver the goods. Li Jinlong students face a white face, but could not conceal his prime, domineering side exposed murderous. There are several channels of the students, in this name. Anyway everyone is full of wit, because Wui road itself is a Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon place.

each party can gain a lot of value collision from online communication to the line, this is a sublimation of network marketing. We put the line to the next line, talk, to share with friends, this is a harvest, is also a kind of success.

we are talking about Shanghai and Phoenix, also talked about the training, training in the field of Shanghai dragon, big market, see how to manage and integrate.

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