Check the web site is included 10 reasons

Hello, I was fat. In the newly built blog at the beginning of the optimization principle is: every day to write a blog with three the chain, our target is to let the spider through this chain can come to my site, and as the originator of Chinese search engine – love Shanghai, have their own algorithms more perfect, to the railway station to seeking more and often included, our website, but it is difficult to put up the amount collected today, inventory of the web site is included 10 reasons:

There are many dead links

five, website. Because it is new, there may be many established path or directory, 403 mistakes occur, and this dead link will affect the weight, will affect the ranking, more will affect your love in Shanghai.

four of the website, there are two paths, dynamic routing and static paths exist at the same time. Like the A5 two paths are exist at the same time, sometimes you will find love in Shanghai is included dynamic path for you, and then delete the static path and included you, there may not be included in your content. Although little impact site weight high, but if you only keep a path, love Shanghai is very love, but will also affect the slow time included.

two, large-scale batch or modify url. This includes site within the URL address and the layout of the chain URL. Because many webmaster is new, sometimes listening to the opinions of others or feel bad, on the revision, delete some directory or link, the purpose of this love Shanghai will extend your assessment, natural also love Shanghai is also very difficult to put out your outside chain, URL, many owners will take the chain website hyperlink to anchor text links, so that your love Shanghai related domain suddenly disappeared and the related domain is lost, will affect your. This operation will reduce the speed or loss of the amount collected included.

, a space problem. Why would I put space first position, because I was suffering, the space for often not open, when a certain time love Shanghai spiders with path came in, found the door was closed, after the visit, Shanghai spiders love request several times, can only continue to visit don’t home. So the space is not only affect the included your site, more love Shanghai friendship you judge the spider, the higher the degree of friendship, the spider is more love, included the amount of naturally brought.


six, the website appears inside some sensitive words. These sensitive words we still do not use good, comply with the maintenance of the Internet civilization is every webmaster essential. If your site is likely to be harmonious, so in love with the sea above included the amount will be greatly discounted.


three, frequent modification of the page title. This is a lot of master has experimented, frequent changes will affect not only included, will drop right. The fat man here want to say is we the title of the site, keywords description, the three are not many changes, also do not stack keywords or long term, one-time fixed.

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