The essence of that friendship connection

now we the webmaster, many of which are valued Links bring mutual benefit effect! But now Links effect is much worse than before, after all the love of Shanghai in recent years, it is not stupid; so many webmaster selling links and buy links, already will fall in love with the sea to reduce the weight of Links! But you can see, now Links has been different in nature above, has not been so loyal, no friendship to say, I think there is only love in Shanghai, so we webmaster with love in Shanghai, in a more realistic

there is a problem, is now as long as you find the website of the other side is what snapshot update slow, or that you have the right down, you will be the first time to link down each other. Do you think this is Links performance? This is entirely a mutually beneficial relationship, no longer say friendship. In this case, we do not need too excited, after all, one or two day update stop on the site is not affected, because the snapshot stop updating, you do not know is a curse or a blessing! What is more, and you exchange Links, after two or three days, he automatically your links. Let you have to help him to do outside the chain, you see, you asked him why you link time, he still refuses to admit to sophistry, this person!

is in your mind, the new station and the old station were really have so much weight? The old station there in Shanghai, but in Shanghai there is no new love interest? In fact, love Shanghai for the new station supervision is more rigorous, it can be said that the new station in Shanghai which has caused the attention of love. So we should not only more because the new station and the old station and the PR value does not give the link! In your opinion, is really indispensable? PR2 and PR3 will not be able to link? Tell you, PR1, PR2 and PR3 are actually the same, not much difference between the weight of the site, don’t strive for but one! To date, the snapshot is the website. In fact, the website snapshot update speed, and the related website weight is related to, but also can not be completely attributed to this website snapshot of the problem, a new beginning of the month, as long as you keep updating the original content, but also can do the snapshot update everyday, don’t cheat the old station basically snapshots are updated every day, therefore, new and old station direct exchange links is not no limit to the distance

! !

is not difficult to see, now the webmaster for Links are very serious! In Links are blatantly indicate what they need Links, indispensable! I have seen a webmaster, he put forward the Links requirements and present a bit out of my site, but access is not. But he refused! Why? Is this principle? No, because now the Links is no longer Links, just a link with each other, as long as the other side can increase the weight of your site, to help you link, you can go after, now no longer say friendship!

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