The chain weight has come to the user in charge time

not to answer this question, first to tell you something about why the computation time of the general weight link is probably around the time. Of course there are technology inside, the reason is that the search engine technology for the general calculation of the weights of the links do not immediately to carry on the analysis, it has a calculation cycle, the link is divided into various grades and ranks, only those high priority calculation weight of chain. For example, if Sina gives you a link, this authoritative website link to it will be considered to be of high quality, it will take effect immediately, if you are a just a link to the near Sina blog, it extracts the URL to the index of it, and then calculate the. This is the reason why the search engine technology I said.

is the other hand this link is to help users, if in four weeks, a lot of people click on the link. The search engine will think this link is helpful to the user, because the chain is only a click to help users. Of course, the search.

you may be puzzled, the quality of the chain by the user to say this is how one thing. For example you will understand. Now we know that Shanghai has launched the love love Shanghai statistics, we know that as long as you put on the website love of Shanghai, love Shanghai will know your website user experience is good, the residence time from your site, PV and the amount of visits and so on these data to analyze your website is not the user’s love. So do the dumpster friends do not install love Shanghai statistics. If your website user experience is good, that love Shanghai statistical nature of the website will be more favorable. In fact, since the love of Shanghai launched the statistical tools, of course I predicted that Shanghai dragon has entered the "user experience is king of the times", that is your site quality is no longer a simple search engine alone, but by the user to say. In fact, this point for the chain is in the same way, you may ask, the search engine is how to know

Shanghai dragon is nothing more than three points, 1, making valuable help to the user or the content of 2., can bring users to find valuable links to content. 3. of the needs of users, to create a good user experience. In fact, these three points are not easy to solve, may the first point is not how good, you can try to mix in the past. Third user experience is sometimes teasing the boss. While only second of the chain is placed in front of us, see the tangible things, once I listen to some of my friends say the number of some of the company’s boss is outside the chain to calculate performance, in fact this is a misunderstanding of the foreign chain. It is a kind of algorithm of the chain era comes just now, after so many years of development, search engine has advanced to not simply look at a website external links number. But a pursuit of the quality of the chain in the chain, the author here foreign put forward a new concept, the weight chain is already by the users say. Because the search engine is for customer service, said only the user is the most accurate.


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