Search engine optimization how to do inside and outside the chain chain


a lot of people in the transfer chain is the PR value as a major reference, in fact this is not scientific. Sometimes Links exchange will see each other PR value is very high, that can not change the quality of the chain, in fact, this is not necessarily high, give a simple example, as shown in figure

, a hyperlink analysis is mainly the search engine algorithm

PR (A) = (1-D) +d[PR (T1)) /C (+ T1)… +PR (TN) /C (TN)]


and C represent the number of outbound links on the page. C (T1) is the number of outbound links on the T1 page.

in all hyperlinks analysis technology, PR is the most famous one, PR is Shanghai dragon a common concept, then what is the PR value, the PR value is the value of a given weight of "noble baby judgment, but isn’t that what the PR value, the PR value is just one of many search engines. It is not the decisive factor of a website,.

two, weight transfer and PR

search engine algorithm is very complex, including love Shanghai and Google have a lot of rules, so many rules are basically based on hyperlink analysis technology, the entire Internet pages are linked together through hyperlinks, so the hyperlink is one of the search engine has some mainstream algorithm now. Therefore, inside and outside the chain chain is an important part of the Shanghai dragon.

first website PR value is 8, the PR value is very high, because the PR value of the chain number needed to upgrade the exponential growth, if we ask you, if these two sites are outside the chain and do you, what do you think of your high value which website? Most people that is 8 for PR brings high value. But we speak to you is "PR transmission weight, but in the current algorithm in the proportion is very small, we have to consider the PR output value should be the first, although the website PR value is as high as 8, his website 220 chain, you go after is one of 220 points, according to the formula, 8/220*0. 85=0. 18, the data obtained is very low, while the latter PR value is low, again with PR value calculation formula to calculate the site’s PR output value is as high as 0. 22, so when we do Links exchange, we must have a look at the other site is not the PR value, but to see the PR output value.

A represents the page A. The PR (A) represents the page A pr. The D coefficient of damping. Usually think of d=0. 85

4 t1… TN represents a link to the page A page T1 to tn

PR algorithm is very simple, the calculation formula of PR value is

three, Shanghai love bomb

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