The enterprise website optimization Shanghai sex we should follow what strategies

The last one is the author

second, the long tail word long tail word long tail word 2.

first, a large number of products superimposed repeated, such as product 1| product 2| 3 products etc..

is currently for the enterprise to optimize their operating station, is also very recommend, I think this style is the best effect, through the above way of writing we can clearly feel the title covers to the optimization of the main products and auxiliary products to ensure the first keyword later if word flow is ranked no problem for the name of the enterprise and brand value into natural is also very beneficial to love Shanghai optimization and user experience. The website title is > CK


the long tail word to obtain directional flow to improve the site conversion rate is beyond doubt, but the title as the most important optimization label, in addition to the conversion rate we consider the most is the flow, the long tail word in the page title, website development from a long-term perspective, this kind of writing later there is a bottleneck for enhancing site traffic this is the best, write in the content page, here the author also recommended.

first, keyword strategy. Many enterprise website website is very realistic, in order to marketing is to strong sales of products, most of the time we choose keywords directly to choose their own products as the main object of optimization. With the current love Shanghai algorithm upgrade for the weight of keywords and description tags have dropped to very low, how to create the right keywords to cause concern in Shanghai that we love this case? Have to say the site title, the title of the relative weight is relatively high, as long as we are in the process of writing the title keywords, reasonable arrangement, coupled with the search engine for the title of special treatment, with the title to reflect the core words need to optimize the way is no better. Common title following the author analysis.

finally, product | auxiliary products
company keywords enterprise name brand value.

this title creation fully embody the purpose of you is very strong, the optimization traces too obvious drawbacks like this is to search engine and user unfriendly, piling keywords practice is easy to understand for the love Shanghai cheating way here to the user experience, the best in a way of writing I do not recommend this style.

as everyone knows, the enterprise website with the development of the electronic commerce network marketing also gradually integrate into the Internet family, said network marketing will have to mention Shanghai Longfeng optimization, because the site optimization is one of the most important network marketing channels, especially for the enterprise web site optimization is to do a lot of enterprises stand in order to obtain customer intention more valuable through the Internet, this is a lot of enterprises to stand for the pursuit of the goal, love Shanghai as a powerful position in Shanghai dragon Er Optimization Website, the current enterprise station how to effectively do love Shanghai optimization? We discuss below the author a.

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