How to do well in the station optimization from the business ranking

reasonable layoutThe

1: design simple, clear

this morning the business circle the word love Shanghai is ranked 37, it can be said that this is the fastest one of these years I such website ranking. The analysis of the top 30 websites, mostly in 4.8 and 4.9, and most of the website home page title repeat "electric business circle" for more than two times. The description of the website is well written, repeated 3 times, and have been successfully grabbed the search engine. Analysis of this website is how to do a good station optimization:

language of the web site? Can you guess? To guess, it is actually very simple. But this website the file extensions are visible (the static pages except), the basic site is static page 99%. In the procedure, from the user’s point of view and Shanghai dragon angle, add some auxiliary functions.

3: the performance optimization of

columnThe also raises some incidental functionFrom the

said the URL page path, it is I spent most of time and effort. Before with radish talk, said all pages placed under the root directory, radish put forward classification management ideas for. In my thinking, I chose all of the files are in the root directory. A: put the root directory procedures simple, do not think too much of the directory level (this is enough to it, is actually very simple); two is the root directory to the search engine than the two or three level directory directory has the advantage of trace.

website design program, really adds a lot to the "window", this is to try to increase the station links and mutual chain.


site map, thanks to the radish, spent a lot of energy to be compatible with the performance, a very short period of time can be so fine. Radish is not the origin, is a pure Shanghai dragon ER, so that is not in general with the receptionist to think, in that it has done a lot of optimization.

2: added to the optimization

design is based on a website, made some changes, more from the perspective of Shanghai dragon design. The overall design is clear and concise page.

applicationsWhat is the

we know only to a website, divided into the station optimization and stood outside Optimization Website optimization. The station optimization for the site structure, site layout, station links, page URL and a series of around the user and search engine optimization, optimization is generally outside the station outside the station links, statistical analysis and some optimization. The business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest, I took out to help enterprises in network competition, website yesterday evening was on the line, on the night of love Shanghai included, today the business circle have ranked the word. The first screenshot below:

station page reasonable path

4: URL

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