Through the analysis of Web logs to understand the search engine changes

FTP in a folder called logs, different server log file name is not the same, but some will contain the keywords, logs as follows:

download, after decompression can be used to open a text editor, if open garbled words can be used to open Editplus or Dreamweaver page editor.

in the log name search spiders can clearly understand the above spiders have come to your site, and know spiders crawl your site page.

two, how to find the web log




five: dismantling the – [19/Apr/2013:00:47:39 +0800] " GET /page/contact/contact.php HTTP/1.1" 20021978 " -" " Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Baiduspider/2.0; +http>


2, the website included abnormal, or by K, through the log can understand the search engine is there to visit your website;

three, how to open the log

? log

as a webmaster should not only know how to write, how to send the chain, but also learn to web site log analysis. Webmaster web site log analysis, your web site in the search engine is more important to understand. You can get what important information through the web log, below in detail:

open the log after we can see the following the name of the search engine spiders, which respectively represent the search engine to your website.

3, for the website to resolve the problems, we must read the log;


, a website to grab

loveBaby baby bot



noble aristocracy


four, the search engine spider Name:

Shanghai: baiduspider

, 1 new online, see search engines have to crawl your site;

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