The site is how to do K

Before the new sites included

home page keyword density is too high. General single page station often appears the question, the solution is to lengthen the title of the words can be.

Prohibit the use of

pages best not to optimize the long tail word. The optimization of the long tail is a very deliberate optimization approach keywords Shanghai dragon. Optimization of the long tail, you must increase the number of articles within the chain, will inevitably lead to the optimization of transition. Low weight of the new station is not suitable for this operation. I think that in the new ball in Bo network appeared this situation, I have to do the long tail layout, not updated snapshot and included drop that is down right.

software group chain, including the blog group of building group chain etc.. Love Shanghai is this technology to check out, the new chain should be gradual, a bit, do not act with undue haste. I think that in the new ball in the Bo network, using software to set up a chain, an excessive increase, not only no substantial progress, but affected.

Links with IP, or any form of interconnection between websites. Before the change of Links, check whether the other side of the IP with his own, as if you don’t change. Has been changed to delete. Shanghai love think you are cheating. I know this is done, so the first time to check the union, his station and a chain snapshot lag, K is under


keywords please maintain a high degree of unity (third already described). The main keywords must link to the home page address, long tail word must be linked to the corresponding address, to ensure that the main keywords and long tail keywords corresponding to the permanent address. If the station anchor text you write out of order, is not to add anchor text link to natural



new simple pseudo original ban. You can’t write no problem, not all let you write, but please ensure that each article has at least 100 more words you write, other content please high quality pseudo original, changed beyond recognition better. Please ensure that each article minimum 300 words, 500 words above. I think I will be more or less guilty.

The anchor text link

found that many webmaster, the site was K don’t know what to do, here we introduce some solutions

new forbidden to do a lot of the chain in the anchor text. The number of the anchor text in the less the more natural, less attention to your love in Shanghai. You in the chain and more, apparently deliberately do Shanghai Longfeng optimization keywords, with particular attention to the new station, within 4 months of the station is new sites. The new weight is not high, is to optimize the transfer behavior of deadly do a lot of the chain in the anchor text in the station. If you make it, please correct it immediately. Although my site is not within 3 months of the new station, but in July I have to manually add some related words of the page, and also set up automatically in the chain, but some keywords within the chain directly to the home page, the anchor text leads to chaos and complex, so also promptly cleared this problem

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