Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques how fast was collected

I engaged in e-commerce is almost more than 2 years, but seldom to write their own experience and feelings. Today, with the help of the station to write a few simple. Guangzhou also has a period of time, feel Guangzhou is a good place, Guangzhou is a metropolis of e-commerce, very competitive. Recently received a new station, do women clothing, called Han Yige dress actually feminine products very competitive, there is no way to work. Not much to say. Here speak the way, how I do love Shanghai the next day included my station.

received the product related information, we must study the product, basic information etc.. To find the breakthrough point keyword. Take me to the station, more in line with the image of the product. I put some keywords positioning in the wholesale clothing, my TITLE "- Guangzhou clothing wholesale clothing wholesale network – wholesale clothing in Han Pavilion" tell me why I put the key words, 1, because I was doing the clothing industry, the wholesale industry love Shanghai index is very high, but according to their own will, to reduce the intensity of competition, I chose the keywords competition intensity is too small to do, so do not blindly do optimization to do promotion eventually do home. First, I chose the main keywords "Guangzhou clothing wholesale clothing wholesale network, and network power is behind several key words. 2, increase the exposure, so many words, I do not believe you to search me. Small talk, hope that the teacher can add comments by.

There are many kinds of

set, first submitted to the major search engines. Let the spiders discover you know you this new love out, Shanghai is for the new station is very interesting, if the site inside some of the original love love Shanghai high quality soft Wen put more, believe it will be more love you, of course, within the site layout template is very important, the following we say the next station promotion.

, a keyword positioning

two, search engine submission entrance


, three station extension

station promotion way, but the most common is nothing more than to the forum, blog, Post Bar, Q & A, such as abstract platform to release your soft, exposure to your site, increase the chain included. In these platform promotion should pay attention to your content is not too, sent directly to your web site, so there is no effect. The effect is not large, many forums have artificial nucleus, dislike you add links in. Otherwise, see a kill. Then you ID. So, how can we successfully set the exposure to our website, but also let us send a post about survival. Many observers would find the forum with the signature, you can put your website address on the signature inside, in a soft, or affixed to the top, your signature is displayed. I summed up the two points: 1, adjust the content, more than words. Finally, with this article from which. (this should know), this is the 2 and some "on

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