Talk about the promotion of soft value promotion tool

second, the proliferation of visibility

take an example of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel generally will go to A5 and search outside, a push and other well-known network owners to browse. If you have Shanghai dragon service, you can publish your own experience in these well-known platform, spread their visibility. When one day, you see the people need Shanghai Longfeng services, you will certainly be in he (she) under consideration. If things go on like this, your awareness in the industry does not spread?


is due to the promotion of soft power, now the promotion, has been a lot of people to follow. O he remind you, want to do soft Wen promotion, not only to write, but also consider the timeliness of the content, do more

also, even if we are not great characters, soft Wen promotion can also help us know a lot of friends also fought in the internet. They through your article to recognize you, together with the communication on the Internet opinion and experience, will let you and me and him in the exchange to get an unexpected harvest.

Third, to build the brand of

first, high quality

(/ O he, from a new QQ space: http>

from the media become more and more popular, a lot of promotion personnel have played their own name, this is the so-called brand. A new understanding of a lot of people from the media, popular in them there are many, such as: Lu Songsong, Feng Dongyang, Mu Chun, and brother Beijing -IT-, millet and so on, they use the form of soft every day, share their dry cargo, slowly become a lot of promotion personnel, benchmarking study example. (don’t know a friend, they can also go Gaga QQ, look at the number of visits to their QQ space every day)

just love Shanghai network promotion, will find many kinds of methods, the promotion methods can get free traffic is " the promotion of soft ". Soft Wen promotion with low cost, strong pertinence, high viscosity, a lot of extension staff consistently used tricks, whether in the forum, WeChat is still in the QQ space, soft Wen promotion are everywhere. But the promotion method is so efficient, not everyone can do. Promotion personnel ability is different, the degree of communication, the effect is not the same, today, he will tell us about the promotion of soft value.

what is the high quality of the chain? Don’t say that you are a better platform for higher weight, volume, published an article, leaving the site is called the high quality of the chain, such a statement is too one-sided. The high quality of the chain is need to have several requirements: 2 included fast outbound links less the correlation high weight, but the extension staff just forget the chain you send can bring traffic to the site? The high quality of the chain should have spread, the spread of a wider range, click the greater the amount of natural effect is better.

The chain

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