The face is full of bidding of the search results page of Shanghai dragon how to play an effective v

Shanghai Longfeng value is certainly there, but, as our Shanghai dragon industry practitioners, we must change the way of thinking.

2. to improve the web site overall amount of

web site overall amount = amount * page quality of search engines. The search engines crawler volume = total residence time / single page retention time. The site operation and maintenance aspects involved, the residence time of a single page less, which requires the site access speed had enough, enough code standardization, high efficiency of the site program. While the total residence time is determined by the crawler search engine gives active site (weight) and passive (link) of the guide. There are many reasons for the decline, grasping such as firewall, HTTP returns the status code and system upgrade server, continuous operation efficiency, operation efficiency and so on.

I think we have a deep understanding, the search engine market is a monopoly, the rules began to follow the money. The search engine, regardless of which industry category, maximum flow rate, the highest commercial value, has already been occupied by ppc. The natural ranking has been pushed into eight or nine place. How, even if Shanghai dragon Er have put a lot of energy, a lot of resources to do the first natural ranking, but also get much value? So to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, if there is the value of the use of


page is determined by the quality and technical content. The technology mainly involves state and encoding normative web pages, and the content is All the world knows. original. The availability of pseudo original, is also useful, this is not conclusive. Just imagine, or keyword substitution techniques such as pseudo original tools now on the market most of the principle is so simple, software developers want the search engine, the scientists think? But the good news is that the web site overall concept is not so popular, there are a lot of original content, hidden in the depths of the site, is not crawled or included. This part, for the search engines, is the original content.


this is a very simple arithmetic, if the existing web site click rate is 1%, we will click rate increase 1 percentage points, then the flow of income is.

1. the pursuit of the overall ranking, rather than the home page ranking

a few years ago, we do Shanghai Longfeng ideas are similar, when a domain name on behalf of the site, while the home represents the domain name. Through this domain, grab the keywords ranking, all resources are concentrated in the home. This rule also applies in not applicable today?. What is the overall ranking website, all pages of a website ranking under us. "Is the basic unit, the ranking is not the domain name! Due to the randomness of the behavior of Internet users, the flow value is greater than the value ranking. So, in order to maximize the realization of Shanghai Longfeng flow, how to operate

3. website hits


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