5 points of a new optimization easily overlooked

often see someone on the Internet asking why his new station has been on the line for a long time is not included? When asked this question, have you considered the quality of their own? For the new station, the need to fill a lot of content to enrich the layout, if rely on the original or false original so the workload is too big, so many webmaster can only copy and paste, which resulted in a low degree of original web content, so that love has not been included in Shanghai. Although the copy paste can save you a lot of things, but the long term is not desirable, we should learn a lesson.

you may find such a situation, a lot of new online began to carry out a variety of optimization, but we think about how to more reasonable to optimize? Most of the webmaster friends have an urgent psychological to do what station, always want to hurry included a little faster there the rankings, but you can not, there is not a short duration of time optimization results, depending on the maintenance and to persevere. Today the author do stand experience, experience to introduce their own experience, the author personally, I think the new optimization is often easy to ignore the following 5 points:

2, the original low degree caused by love Shanghai not included

has a lot of new do stand love upload it to FTP and then slowly modify the template, add content, actually this method is not good, as long as the program is uploaded to the FTP website, the spider crawling can be normal, then change too frequently will let the spiders have a bad effect after the judgment, optimization. There are a lot of people in the local server to build a website, because too much impatient, you want to love Shanghai included, so content add only a part of the line, this is not a good habit. The search engine will determine the quality of the site according to the various parameters of the site, and is the site of the integrity, if the content is too small will make a lot of space to empty out, so the spider climb up to take the page to leave a bad impression, it will increase the new study period of time.

3, the chain increased too quickly lead to excessive

1, optimization

4, the chain increased abnormal caused by K

Links is one of the most important > Website Optimization

there are many webmaster friends just a new station included, you can scarcely wait to send the chain, which leads to the increase of the chain speed increases from zero, suddenly a period of time to many, the search engine will trigger an exception mechanism, determine the station optimization, so the new station will enter in the long period of study. Of course, there are some people outside the chain of quality is poor is easier on the website optimization effect, now love Shanghai technology has become increasingly mature, the algorithm also once again change, the past go through the chain of garbage in today is useless, so I don’t warn you to do these a thankless task.

content is too small to line

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