Love Shanghai thrown out a few blocks in the opponent to identify key words correlation

relevance judgment between the quality of a search engine is extremely important, the judgment standard of several search engines is completely different, I compare the market several mainstream search engines, found that the difference is very large. Only love in this area in Shanghai to do the best, Sogou do not, 360 is the worst, this can not blame people, because people still started relatively late, we should give it some time. Google from the point of technology is to understand Chinese lost to love Shanghai, people is foreign Chinese, can understand. This study can be a keyword when several words, of course in the keywords characteristics in such a similar word, we should find the word, I make a website at present, will encounter this situation, to share with you the following.

not in this area, although it is Chinese the earliest search engine, but in >

this is my love in restaurants in maritime search results, my website title and the keywords characteristics of restaurant, my website ranked second pages. You see the red box although my title is a feature of the restaurant, but also marked red, in the eyes of search engines, these two words are the same.

you look at the 360 search results




in the hotel restaurant features search features also marked red, indicating that 360 search in this area can also be done, but also out of the traditional keyword matching point a. But depressed people is related to search below, it is irrelevant, in natural language understanding process there is still a long way to go. The restaurant features the word feature is an adjective, this restaurant is a noun. You see the relevant search 360 is actually the word carries around the characteristics, this is a completely wrong direction, and when I search a large number of popular words are not even related to search, this is far worse than the love of Shanghai.

as you know Shanghai dragon and search engine optimization is a means of computer and computer is a means, it is extremely easy to understand for our people, the search engine is not so easy to understand. The search engine can only analyze from the literal, as I recently made a catering website, the core keyword is to find out the distinctive restaurants, catering and a word we have to do. What word is the same? After finding related types of words, distinctive characteristics of the hotel, restaurant, specialty restaurant, specialty restaurant, in fact, if from the perspective of thinking of these words actually are a means of expression, but the search engine if it understands cattle, but currently only love Shanghai can do this, the other search engines are far more

you look at the picture of

Keywords Sogou

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