Love on Shanghai on 2013 website operation suggestions

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love Shanghai Webmaster Platform recently published on the Internet market analysis report, China’s 2012 PC end website showed steady growth, and the rapid development of the mobile terminal, but from the current market volume, the market is far greater than the PC end mobile terminal. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform shows the development status of China’s Internet through detailed market data, in 2012 are summarized, and a detailed plan for the 2013 plan, we can according to the latest changes in love in Shanghai so as to develop a user experience and help us improve the site’s behavior, and to make it more in line with love Shanghai requirements, so that our website ranking is better, more show to the user. Then love Shanghai in 2013 what is dynamic, and can bring us what inspired? Look at the first, and then analysis.

, a website [original] need to increase the content of the construction quality of

love Shanghai clear: the standardization of Shanghai Longfeng, site structure, specification of flat simple URL, is the webmaster for continuous improvement category. See from the key to love Shanghai stressed, site quality is our website optimization in. Now most of the Shanghai dragon well. "

I think a lot of Shanghai dragon have made such a mistake, more companies to hire a professional writer every day to update some core ideas and website related content, such as our company last year just a very powerful writing writer, his literary talent is good, although the original, but not quality. As he told our company production of bulk feed cars written FAQ articles, the headline "bulk feed car manufacturers and you pay attention to the development of" fishing island together, after brother laugh, he wrote more than 800 words copious and fluent, fluent and profound analysis, but what is the relationship with bulk feed car? Is apple and orange. We are producing bulk feed car, what do you write the Diaoyu islands. So how should we do? We can write some users more attention, echoes with the theme of the site content, such as bulk feed car Car Buying process, bulk feed car purchase notice, if you write well, it will impress the user’s heart.



has been in Shanghai since the dragon are committed to write some original content, the majority of Shanghai Longfeng mistakenly believe that as long as the original love of Shanghai would love, as long as the original content is high weight, in fact, this idea is very one-sided, which is what I am "quality" [] the reasons including symbol. We emphasize the original, but ignore the quality of the results, we do a lot of useless. Is that we have to do in the future, in providing original content at the same time, should pay attention to quality content must meet the needs of users, otherwise you spend more effort to write original content is scrapped.

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