Liu Jun the construction of the chain twelve must see practical rules

is the best links to other sites to give you your vote, you don’t have to go back to the link, link. Such heartfelt sure your website link is the real high quality links.

website ranking will be found, ranked number before the anti chain is often not behind the number, it can be seen, and there is no direct relationship between the number and site ranking. Keywords link is often better quality from a web site ranking. It seems that we webmaster do in the chain not to do high quality anti chain, patient. So what kind of link is a good link? Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Jun on this issue on the quality of the link judgment standard.

4, the content should be related to link

page can occur in many parts of the link, but in fact the real content of the page appears inside the link is the real high quality link. So the replies of the signature, Links local link is far better than the article text links in good effect.

this is very easy to understand, the time domain name registration website for your website links the longer, the higher the PR, the domain name itself the target keywords ranking, the higher the quality of such links.

7, the source of the link domain name registration time and Pr of the domain name and keywords their ranking

this problem is actually very easy to understand, link the meaning of existence is to the point, no one point link if only to Shanghai dragon chain exists, then the link itself in the detours, to enhance the site’s ranking of the link, and then direct access to users in access to users and links to who is good too bad.

8, the source of the link and the higher ranking links of higher quality

, 1 people to click on the link is the real good link

a chef said I cook delicious, and a taste of the people that I do the food, who do you believe more. So a is Shanghai dragon content page gave me a link, said my good article and an article about losing weight, give me a link, the link has obvious correlation to the quality.

A We see a lot of more than 2 one-way links Links.

is a little difference between this and the above, such as a site of an article.

5, link anchor text links is the best

Page weight


6, the location of the link is very important

or understanding, for example when I wrote the search engine, Google and Google to improve the links, this is Google genuine certainly.


3, edit link spontaneous is high-quality links

anchor text links is the core problem to judge the quality of the link, is the core keywords ranking, to anchor text, keywords ranking will guarantee.

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