Love Shanghai website is changing all the time and walk the road of the brand is the best choice

first "navigation type search" at least second "Q type search" 4 to 5 times.


overall, real data is:

3, product search. Is the search for a specific product or something. As the search for "Lenovo G460", "free mailbox", "Benz 500" etc..

The following is the

this question, I asked a lot of people, but so far no one answer is that I mentioned above. On the 1, 2, 3, three kinds of search, search by size sorting, most row order is: 3> 2> 1, but the actual situation is: 1> 2> 3.



over the years, we see that love Shanghai is changing all the time, more and more people feel do not know its rules. Before two time large-scale K station, this time is more extended to railway station audit time. For we really do stand people who are so in love we face one disaster after another, Shanghai that we as a webmaster how to face? That is the concept of the author proposed today, the site should take the road of brand. We know that last year Shanghai station was put on the brand love right, a form of the most prominent is the ICO icon in the authoritative website. This is enough to prove that love for Shanghai brand is very important, given the weight is very high.

to people’s subjective judgment about which type of search: search volume is the largest? What kind of a little bit? What kind of minimum

let us look at a set of data, search the general behavior of the search can be divided into the following three types:

search "car" and "car home with love" Shanghai index data:

in everyone’s mind, "product search" should be the biggest. But if you use the keyword tool and the nobility baby love Shanghai index to check some information, understand the real situation.

as a whole, "navigation type search" is an absolute advantage, the car home this website brand word daily search volume > one hundred and fifty thousand

search volume second "quiz type search" is third "1.2 times the product search".

1, the navigation type search. The user is aware of a website (or information) exists, only need to guide a search engine to find the site to hang. Such as search "Sina" and "Sohu video", "car home" and so on.

2, search ask. The user is searching for some problems, hoping to get a solution to the problem. Such as "how to search this place", "Shanghai dragon do" and "how to choose a good computer and


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