Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform VP Forum Mobile Web site optimization of dry cargo sharing

5, on the optimization of mobile site:

A5 station network April 30th news, April 28th, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform "VIP Forum – Mobile Website Optimization practical tutorial" lecture in Beijing, full understanding of love for Shanghai mobile search included, database building and related content adaptation. People贵族宝贝.cn, A5 nets, chain home network, eLong nearly 50 people from all walks of life quality site technical responsible person to participate, have said very fruitful, solve the doubts and problems encountered in the work of many.

The 2, on the dynamic web pagesThe

it is understood that the Shanghai love VIP auditorium has been carried out in multi period, from Shanghai, love algorithm update website optimization to Shanghai news source for love and attention, few previous search from the Shanghai love angle share many of the content of the website is very useful. In this lecture, A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng director Li Huadong had the honour of being invited to the salon, he said this speech very much talked about a lot of dry cargo, practical mobile optimization techniques and classic case analysis. With the love of Shanghai experts and major sites in training in the interaction is also the harvest is quite deep, here to share a few mobile search utility dry cargo.

responsive website will usher in the dawn. Love the sea will be comprehensive analysis of JS, JS to read pull data.

3, for the love of Shanghai mobile search results ranking, followed by independent sites, mobile adaptation sites, transcoding site, PC site.


1, mobile site open speed sorting on the website of the great influence. 3 seconds is a line of life and death, is greater than the mobile site open speed 3 seconds, almost not displayed.

chain: the chain PC side of the mobile station

; The

4, mobile station proposed to retain only a domain name. Because the search ranking can not give your mobile phone for mobile station corresponding to the

pseudo static: mobile site to achieve pseudo static, the poor effect of

is so much for love? Shanghai mobile search optimization, there are many places need to practice and research, more need a website with their own situation, and a detailed understanding of love on the mobile search document on Shanghai Webmaster Platform. If you have questions can consult the A5 engineer, QQ:3602147.

training to "love Shanghai mobile search is not mobile on the export volume of 200 million" this huge data as a start, from the discovery, collection, sorting, optimization of the four layers of interpretation for the quality of practice, the mobile station needs to have love in the eyes of the Shanghai Shanghai Webmaster Platform love what? How to promote the mobile site several issues so do deep analysis. At the end of the mobile search technology is prospected, and the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform in website mobile which will provide support.

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