To improve the user experience of the site let more users love you stand

in today’s society, no matter what the industry, pay attention to a "service", we must not only their own products, better service, so that it can be recognized by the user by consumers love.

page of the website should be beautiful

!The authenticity of the

is also very important.

like Taobao, Taobao compared to some other shopping sites more comprehensive, which settled a lot of businesses, industries involved in a wider, more comprehensive, and the drawback of poor management, how to ensure that businesses are able to tens of thousands of enthusiastic service for customers! So Taobao introduced the function of the user the evaluation scoring, is the credibility of the shop, I believe there is a certain understanding of Taobao’s reputation of the shop to know the importance of it, some time ago, Taobao executives in order to eliminate private interests and sentenced to prison Taobao credibility tainted things you should have heard of this, I do not have to say, Taobao is so important to the credibility of the main the reason is the value of "service" two words, only good service, in order to develop for a long time.

whether it is online or offline, we do business to tell a credit transaction, don’t be overly touted for their products, be realistic, especially in the virtual world of the Internet, we often see other people’s ads, their service says however when customers really believe as if it were raining flowers. You have chosen you, but you do it has completely forgotten before his own assurance of things, we can think of such businesses this service will live long? So, as a webmaster we need to seek truth from facts, website content to be true.

of course, in addition to Taobao, now has emerged in a lot of shopping sites, these sites are many businesses of their own business, which belongs to the independent mall, the mall of the site site with our enterprise almost, is through improving the love ranked Shanghai, let more people come to our website, let our service and are well known, however, to obtain good website ranking and website user experience and service are related, so the website how to do their service to improve the website user experience

with the Internet in recent years, the rapid development in China, more and more companies began to use the Internet to sell their products and services, most business is conducted over the Internet such a virtual environment, then in such a virtual world does not need to pay too much attention to the concept of "service"! The answer is wrong, in this virtual world of Internet users to buy the things we already have some doubts (not the scene to buy their own things), in order to eliminate all the doubts, so we need more communication with customers, answer their questions, let them buy at ease with the rest assured.

Design to website users to buy your goods and services of the Secondly, the

first, the website information

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