Liu Dan change the title will not be right down to a Nirvana

of course, if the site weight is high enough, then the revision brings is lower, this method is more for the site weight is not very stable, and that complaints do not be too frequent, to finish all complaints, and this cycle is generally not more than one day.


based on this consideration, in the new test, two sites at the same time the title changes, and greater efforts to first revision. After the change, immediately to the Shanghai love Complaint Center snapshot complaints website, because love Shanghai provides snapshot complaints function immediately makes you a snapshot of the update to the current state of the new. If no accident, after the revision of the home long after the complaint can be directly over the natural included love Shanghai or drop right, and direct capture included and release.


forced himself to rethink: in the end there is no revision to the safe way, then take the other two new test, test a lot, finally found a very effective way. Here to share with you, the students try to change.

three hours later, found two complaints has been updated to the latest snapshot. But this time is not enough, because it is unable to determine the stability of the results. In the update and maintain the chain of circumstances, in the subsequent two weeks have been tracking, have not found any abnormality. This method will be introduced to some friends, the testing results are very ideal. So basically can be judged, so deal with the revision right down is very effective.

we know, change the title, the most likely scenario is not in the home page ranking first or the first page, serious direct in Shanghai love home also could not find input. If you can skip this process, let love Shanghai in the fastest time to put your new page to grab and included. Then it will effectively solve this problem? If so, how to make love the fastest in Shanghai included new page

everyone in the process of the operation of the site, often due to the different needs of revision or change the title, but this will often bring devastating results, most of the time will be right down, so that a long time waiting for the recovery of complete darkness. This basically everyone met, I am no exception, recently in the operation of the Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog, because some planning before the need to change, so the website was revised to a certain extent, including the title appropriately adjusted, unfortunately three days to catch up with the big update, the moment is already home to fly to Mars seckill, go.


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This paper by Liu Dan

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