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at the event, Li Jian made a deep introduction of second-hand car industry Li Jian said: in the era of rapid development of second-hand car, second-hand car electricity supplier industry C2C model is more suitable for entrepreneurs to model, but the need for a long time of accumulation, and service to achieve the ultimate brand can be accepted by the user trust everyone, the car is an example of this in C2C mode, by selecting a series of "shielding" pit car traders, and the vehicle strict quality supervision

car for everyone

report shows that the current car buying groups are towards the younger, female dominated, personality label development, and the low line of the city’s purchase demand is gradually released, the depth of needs of different population segments, through big data analysis of user Car Buying, manufacturers will split information pushed to different groups of people, and to establish a targeted users of the product, it can be a long time development.


I used to help network founder SHARECAFF, founder and CEO, investors now TMT, after the car market car expert, master since the media editor Hou Piran from the media perspective from the status quo to teach essence and car from the media operations after market service.

before the love of Shanghai "the young director", after the former vice president and vice president of the 58 city products of Microsoft Asia Academy of Engineering Li Jian, founded in 2014 and served as a CEO

from BITAUTO with more than ten years of experience in product product manager Liu Peipei introduced the report issued jointly with the United Automobile user behavior Roland Begg, to report a series of fine portrait data and detailed crowd will be the future trends in the automotive market users, made a very fine color analysis, a series of data and method and product with the benefit of product manager search.

in March 9, 2017 by the search marketing department in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform sponsored by the "deep" communication – to love big coffee held in Shanghai science and Technology Park, the downstream industry on the car car media, second-hand car, famous people from the media including CEO Li Jian, the car is easy to car all product general manager Sun Haining, public car master when PI editor invited to participate in the activities and share experience.

as their car from the media TOP5> media platform

"deep" "communication — to love Shanghai" big coffee is a series of activities organized by the Shanghai love Webmaster Platform, "customer first" uphold the idea, for the search cooperation site site technology, products, operations and open communication and sharing platform. Through sharing and communication, let the product manager to better understand industry trends, to search better ecological empowerment.

flow mode startup outlook is not optimistic, but a few can be made of the unicorn, the other will slip in a short period of time, identify the strengths, identify market segments can be exclusive opportunities. Good content and services in order to better access to users and retain users to generate revenue.

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